“I Like to Talk About What Y’all Did That P*ssed Them Off”: Kehlani Responds After Being Confronted by Logan Paul’s Best Friend in ‘Angry Women’ Accusation

Published 01/25/2023, 1:15 PM EST

YouTube sensation Logan Paul’s problems only seem to increase day by day with his co-host Mike Majlak getting bashed this time. Paul’s best friend and the co-host of ‘ImPaulsive’ was given a scathing response by musician Kehlani after he tried to confront her about her target audience. Paul has been under heavy fire for the past few months after YouTuber CoffeeZilla released an expose on his CryptoZoo project.

Despite Paul issuing many formal apologies for his transgressions, the fans haven’t been too kind to the YouTube star trolling him at every possible moment. Moreover, Kehlani wasn’t too keen on Majlak making some bold statements about her music.

Mike Majlak confronts a guest for her music on ImPaulsive


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Majlak came out guns blazing revealing his relationship with former adult star Lana Rhoades. Moreover, he also detailed how he would get into fights with her and knew that if Rhoades was playing Kehlani’s music, a fight was bound to happen.

“I knew that we were in a fight but she’d be like hey babe what’s up like hope you’re having a good day and then sometimes I would come in the house and she would be playing Kehlani and I knew as soon as I opened that door I heard that song on. I was like I’m in trouble,” said Majlak.

This was not all as he also confronted Kehlani asking her point blank if she made music targeted for angry women. “So I gotta ask you do you make music for angry women?” he asked.

Despite his confrontation, Majlak didn’t get the answer he was hoping for as Kehlani fired back at him. In addition, she also called Majlak for generalizing her music to one set of audiences.

Kehlani fires back at Majlak’s comments on her music

The ‘Altar’ hitmaker responded by stating that her music was for every kind of woman. Moreover, she told Majlak not to generalize women in such a manner and claimed that sometimes the focus should be on the man and not the woman. She tried to insinuate that the reason women get angry is that they have a reason to.

I make music for all kinds of women. You know what, I don’t even like to categorize women as angry because I like to talk about what y’all did that pi**ed them off,” she said.


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Many would say that Kehlani made a valid point in addressing Majlak’s issue. In addition, this will be something that he might take note of to better understand how relationships work and have a better connection with his next partner.


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