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“I Was Giving Them All Problems” – Daniel Dubois Reveals More Details From His Infamous Sparring Session With Joe Joyce

“I Was Giving Them All Problems” – Daniel Dubois Reveals More Details From His Infamous Sparring Session With Joe Joyce

Vicious undefeated heavyweights- Daniel Dubois and Joe Joyce will finally lock horns against each other on November 28. They have been constantly demeaning each other throughout the buildup, and it seems that neither party would hold back inside the ring.

That said, Dubois and Joyce are aware of each other’s prowess. The heavyweights have sparred together back in the days without realizing that they will fight each other in the future.

Prior to their high voltage fight for the British and European titles, both the boxers have shed light on an incident from memory lane.

‘Dynamite’ Dubois was a teenager at that point and was new to the GB gym setup, which sheltered Anthony Joshua and Joe Joyce. It is no surprise that Dubois and Joyce were put together inside the ring. The pair recently connected with Talk sport to recall their sparring sessions.

Dubois said, “I sparred him when I was about 17, so it’s practise. I was just coming through the juniors and this guy was getting ready for the Olympics. I was giving them all problems, don’t get me wrong, but that’s back then, I’m a different fighter now. A different animal.”

If we look at the professional resumes of Dubois and Joyce, they appear a lot similar. The ‘Dynamite’ has been in 15 battles, winning 14 of them via KOs and one with the decision.

Similarly, Joyce has knocked out 10 of his 11 opponents, claiming the other one via judge’s score. However, the difference in their age is still a huge factor.

Joe Joyce has his own opinion on Daniel Dubois

Although Joyce has got very little emotions to share about his upcoming opponent, he still billed their former sparring session as a “good” encounter.

Talking about it, ‘Juggernaut’ said, “It was good enough. He was obviously a lot younger than me. I was closer in ages to, and used to share a room with, Frazer Clarke on the squad. Obviously, I’d been sparring Joshua for the Olympics and stuff.”

He added, “Daniel got on a bit later. I think he did the junior Olympics and stuff like that, one of those competitions. He got on the squad, and him and Nathan Gorman were more competitive with each other.”

Not only that, but Dubois had also helped his nearing adversary to prepare for the Rio Olympics in 2016. Joyce hasn’t forgotten that, and he hailed Dubois for it.

Joyce said, “Every now and then he’d come in and spar us but he was still young. What, 18? 19? Even younger than that. Yeah, we had lots of rounds sparring. He helped me get ready for Rio 2016. It was really good sparring leading up to the games.”

All these factors will only sensationalize their upcoming heavyweight battle, as they will finally test themselves against each other as professionals. They cannot afford to make a mistake since a world title is on the line. So, it will be a total win for the fight fans to see two of the unbeaten elites and former partners clash against each other.

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