“I Was Just Too Good For Him”- Tyson Fury Breaks Down His Fights With Deontay Wilder

June 14, 2020 8:30 pm

Tyson Fury is looking forward to his trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder even as uncertainty looms over the fight.

The Gypsy King recently spoke to ESPN regarding his next fight. Apparently, he has watched the tape of his fight time and again so as to study his game with The Bronze Bomber.

Fury’s fights with Wilder have been the catalysts of his resurrection. Their first fight in 2018 stirred up the Heavyweight division to unprecedented heights as the to-and-fro brawl ended in a draw.

The build-up to their rematch saw boxing fans reignite the good old passion for the sport. Moreover, Fury’s antics during media events and Wilder’s participation resulted in the involvement of a lot of emotion regarding the rematch.

Thus, when the time came for the two titans to clash again, the whole world watched. And it was the eyes of the entire boxing realm that Fury absolutely devastated Wilder. He said,

“I’ve watched the highlights quite a lot because I like to examine the work that I’ve done in some fights. And in that fight, I wanted to see Wilder in how he was coping with different things and different scenarios.”

Tyson Fury is confident that he outclassed Deontay Wilder “in every single part of it”

While Fury and Wilder gained each other’s respect when they first battled due to the fact that they completely exhausted each other, the second time they fought reaped different results.

Even though Fury brought a tremendous amount of pressure down on Wilder, Wilder looked like he would rather go out on his shield than fall. Thus, his corner made the decision to throw in the towel, and Wilder lost the bout in the seventh round. He did, although, gain the respect of the community for being the warrior that he is.

Fury feels that he outclassed Wilder in every aspect of the game. He said,

“I’ve broken it down over the last three months. It was every single part of it, I was just too good for him. In every department, whether it was long-range, inside, hooking, punching, hitting the body, anything. I just out-matched him. That’s the difference between a match-fit Tyson Fury that kept busy and a Tyson Fury that had three years out of the ring.”

Well, Fury did manage to divide a whole new class against Wilder. Do you think that he will be able to repeat the same performance, whenever they meet next?

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