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“I Would Kill You”: Devin Haney’s Response to 245-Pound Bodybuilder Who Challenged Him for a Street Fight Leaves Muhammad Ali’s Grandson in Laughter; Fans Go Berserk

Published 05/03/2023, 6:21 PM EDT

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Muhammad Ali‘s grandson, Nico Ali Walsh took to Instagram to share a conversation between undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney and renowned bodybuilder Bradley Martyn. The two sat down for the “raw talk” podcast and speculated on how a street fight would play out between the two. Martyn is a popular bodybuilder who is over 240 lbs while Haney is a lightweight boxer. Though, Haney is not just any lightweight boxer as he is the champion of his division and is one of the greatest talents the sport has seen in recent times. 

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The two argued and put forth their reasoning as to why they would get better off the other in a street fight. Martyn argued that the sheer weight advantage would be determining factor in their hypothetical street fight. While Haney argues that his boxing experience would make him the victor. The fans were left confused by the arguments and had a mixed reaction to the same.

Who did the fans pick between Devin Haney and Bradley Martyn?


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Ali Walsh took to his Instagram story and shared a clip of the podcast in which Haney and Martyn started to argue. Walsh seemed to have had a lot of fun while watching the video as he shared the story with laughing emojis.

Haney stated, Even in a street fight I would kill you” Bradly disagreed and questioned the lightweight champion by stating, “You think at your weight?” Thereafter, the two continued the heated argument wherein Haney claimed that even at his weight he would beat the 245lbs bodybuilder.


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Fans flooded the comment section to share their thoughts and opinions. Here are a few interesting fan reactions:

One fan mentioned how a person with speed will always prevail over the guy with the size advantage. He stated, “Size matters in the street” yeah but so does speed and if Devin can land three punches to the temple it’s game over lol”

One user favored Haney and stated, Devin would knock him out very fast”

While, on the contrary, one fan chose Martyn due to his experience in BJJ. He stated, Brad trains BJJ, he would devour Haney in a street fight”


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On similar lines, another fan stated, If Brad grabs him Devin is f*cked let’s be real, I’ve seen it many times I’m the gym with big fucks that don’t have any experience who spars with the little guys who are elite and they just take them down and maul them due to size difference”

Lastly, one user is of the opinion that size would win over skill, she stated, The moment Bradley picks him up and drops him it’s a wrap!”

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It is safe to say that the fans are divided over who they would favor in a hypothetical street fight between the two. However, who according to you would be the victor? How do you see it playing out? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below.

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