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Idris Virgo Calls Out Floyd Mayweather After “$60 Million” Video Resurfaces Amidst John Gotti III Rematch Announcement

Published 11/20/2023, 7:18 AM EST

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What kind of boxer would not want to share the ring with the legend himself – Floyd Mayweather? Certainly not Idris Virgo, who openly called out the undefeated champion. In a surprising turn of events, a forgotten clip of “Money” Mayweather surfaced online ahead of his rematch with John Gotti III. The pair first met in the ring in June this year, but it quickly spiraled out of control as both corners attacked each other.

America’s Favorite Video Today

While Mayweather is preparing for the highly anticipated rematch with the son of the Mob Boss and former head of the Gambino crime family, the resurfaced clip has since gained traction on X. So, using the momentum from the clip, Virgo decided to call out the retired boxer. The clip itself first came to light in 2022, when Mayweather acknowledged his critics, lording his up to $60 million earnings from exhibition bouts. 

Floyd Mayweather claims he can milk boxing


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Responding to the clip on X, Idris Virgo accused Mayweather of avoiding a fight against him. “So why is he ducking me,” questioned Virgo. However, it begs the question – what did Mayweather say in the video that prompted Virgo to accuse him? In the clip, Mayweather claimed that people are upset with him because he is still making money from Boxing. “They upset…because I’m able to milk the game,” said Mayweather.

Mayweather went on to assert that he left the sport on his own terms without suffering major injuries and while keeping most of his money. He further added that because he could make up to $60 million from the exhibition fights, people were upset with him.


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“So, they’re upset that I’m able to go out there and continue to make 40 and 50 and 60 million outside,” said Floyd. Seeing Mayweather tooting his own horn in the clip prompted Virgo to call out Mayweather. With that out of the way, what caused the chaos during the first fight between Mayweather and John Gotti III that has led them to the upcoming rematch?

What happened in Mayweather vs. Gotti 1?

While the future of his fight with Virgo remains uncertain, Mayweather is preparing for the rematch with John Gatti III. But the bigger question is – will the rematch end the same way as the first one did? It’s not impossible! Weirder things have happened in the sport.


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While their fight was heated, to begin with, it escalated when both fighters started insulting each other and ignoring warnings from the referee. What’s more, despite all the warnings, the pair did not correct their behavior, so the referee stopped the fight in the sixth round. However, Gotti wasn’t ready to stop throwing punches, almost causing an all-out brawl between the corners.


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With the fight night right around the corner, the resurfaced clip of Mayweather prompted Idris Virgo to call him out. Do you think Gotti has any chance against Mayweather? Do you think Mayweather would fight Virgo?

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