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The name of YouTuber turned wrestling sensation, Logan Paul has been on the rounds ever since filmmaker, James Fox announced on the Joe Rogan Experience that ‘The Maverick’ was in possession of a legitimate UFO video. This claim, in turn, got a lot of viewers and fans intrigued as Paul’s unhinged antics often left a lot of room for doubt. Meanwhile, in a recent podcast episode, Paul confirmed that there was some truth to his extraterrestrial connections.

Paul was hosting the most recent episode of Impaulsive with Mike Majlak as the co-host. Moreover, Jeff Wittek was present as the guest for the episode. In conversation, Majlak stated that Paul was in possession of the only video that proved that aliens exist. And then proceeded to shed light on Fox’s claim. This was when Paul broke his and revealed that he had offered money to Nevada man Chuck Clark to purchase the footage.


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Talking about the same, he said, “I offered him $100,000 for this tape after I had seen it. Let me tell you this, he should have f*cking taken the money because I got the footage anyway. And I’ll tell you why I did it. Because it’s a little twisted of me to put on a small button camera and film UFO footage that isn’t mine.”

Paul justified why he sneakily recorded Clark’s footage by stating that Clark was not the original owner of the video. Talking about releasing the video to the public, he said, “I’m waiting for the right moment. I’m not afraid to release it”

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However, Paul added that he would first show the footage to Bob Clark to get his thoughts on the same.

What did James Fox say about the footage that Logan Paul possesses?

Fox was recently a guest on Joe Rogan‘s podcast. During the episode, he revealed that Clark had invited him home in the 90s to show him the UFO footage on a VHS tape. He also added that the video was shot on a handheld camera by the two men while driving through the Nevada desert. Talking about the footage, he said, “One of them goes, ‘It’s over the top of us! it’s over the top of us!’ Then all of a sudden the car lights up on the inside. But the source of light is above it. If you can imagine. If you could put a pendulum with a light source above a vehicle. Like above the car. But very slow and fluid motion.”


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Fox also mentioned that the younger man got out and videotaped a disc (UFO). Moreover, he also described that the skin on the craft was ‘glowing like phosphorus on a beach’.Rogan, however, did not believe Fox’s account.

Fox further revealed that he gave Paul Clark’s details while on his podcast. And added that Paul recorded it on a button camera when Clark refused to sell it.


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