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“I’m Not Worried”: 51-YO Heavyweight Icon Vows to Knockout Francis Ngannou

Published 11/21/2023, 8:02 AM EST

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In the high-stakes world of heavyweight boxing, age is often more than just a number. Enter Shannon Briggs, 51, an icon of the ring. He’s throwing down a gauntlet that defies time itself. Imagine a seasoned warrior, steeped in battles past, challenging the new blood of the sport. Francis Ngannou, fresh from a controversial dance with Tyson Fury, now faces an unusual call-out.

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Briggs, a blend of experience and audacity, isn’t just stepping into the ring. He’s leaping across generational lines, making a statement that stirs curiosity. What’s he planning? Ngannou, his target, has just rattled the boxing world, and is no ordinary opponent.

Defying age, Briggs challenges Francis Ngannou


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Francis Ngannou, a name recently etched in the annals of heavyweight boxing, has swiftly ascended the ranks. After a gripping showdown with Tyson Fury, he impressed spectators worldwide, culminating in a top 10 ranking by the World Boxing Council (WBC). Ngannou’s performance, particularly against a titan like Fury, spoke volumes of his potential. Despite a split decision defeat, he emerged more formidable, a force to reckon with in the boxing arena.

Meanwhile, Shannon Briggs, a seasoned veteran of the sport, keenly observed Ngannou’s rise. Unfazed, Briggs expressed a bold sentiment, “He’s a formidable guy. But at the same time, I’ll knock him out. I’m not worried if anybody doubts that, they can doubt it. He can’t move, he’s a flatfooted bum. I’m too fast – let’s go champ!”

This statement not only showcases Briggs’ confidence but also highlights his eagerness to prove his prowess against a rising star. Briggs, in his declaration, radiates a blend of respect and competitive spirit, setting the stage for a potential high-octane clash between experience and emerging talent. Francis’ rise in boxing is being debated by many. Eddie Hearn gave a very decent view on his top 10 rankings.

Eddie Hearn weighs in: Acceptance of Ngannou’s surprising top 10 ranking

In a recent ESNews interview, renowned promoter Eddie Hearn offered his perspective on Francis Ngannou’s unexpected leap into boxing’s elite. Ngannou’s stunning performance against Tyson Fury, particularly his ability to drop the heavyweight champion, has disrupted the conventional boxing hierarchy. Hearn candidly expressed his views, questioning the norm of ranking a fighter in the top 10 after just one fight.


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Yet, he acknowledged Ngannou’s deservingness, considering his remarkable showing against Fury. Hearn admitted, “There’s other fighters ahead of him who wouldn’t have done as well against Tyson Fury. So I don’t mind it, yeah I’m alright with it.” This endorsement from Hearn adds a significant layer of legitimacy to Ngannou’s newfound status in the world of boxing.


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Eddie Hearn’s remarks seem very reasonable. Although it is unusual to see someone get ranked after one just one fight, no one else did what Ngannou did. Maybe the rankings got Briggs charged up at this ripe age of 51. If Ngannou and Briggs get in a ring together, who do you think is winning that fight?

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