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“It Would Be A Mistake” – Former Opponent Warns Tommy Fury For Potential Jake Paul Fight

Published 05/18/2022, 1:06 PM EDT

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Thomas Michael John Fury, popularly known as Tommy Fury, is slowly rising to fame with one fight at a time. Although the boxer has a strong family boxing background, he has proven his worth by winning 8 consecutive fights.

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Fury’s former opponent Anthony Taylor had something to say to ‘Betting Sties’ regarding Fury’s fight with Jake Paul. Taylor started, “It would be a mistake for Tommy to face Jake on August 18th… Tommy would struggle.”


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He further added, “Tommy’s never really fought no one and he wants to fight Jake, who has shown to have knockout power and great high ring IQ. It would be a mistake for Tommy to face Jake. When you look at Tommy, Tommy’s a very stationary fighter. And you got Jake Paul who likes to use the ring, stick and move.”

Jake Paul and Anthony ‘PrettyBoy’ Taylor share a good camaraderie, and their Instagram posts justify it. 

He continued, “For Tommy to land his punches he needs you stand and bang with him. Jake is not going to do that. Jake’s in and out, in and out. Tommy will struggle with Jake’s style. But I don’t see any worth in that fight. He doesn’t bring anything besides a UK fan base and social media presence. You have his dad and his brother to promote the fight, that’s all. Other than that, there’s no interest. Why would Jake fight him?”

Tommy Fury challenges Jake Paul for a potential fight

The thrilling fight between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte drew the attention of the entire globe. On the undercard, however, the Fury brothers’ younger brother had a battle with Daniel Bocianski. TNT came out on top by defeating Bocianski.


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As soon as the fight was over, the British boxer quickly turned his attention to calling out ‘The Problem Child’ for a fight. He stated, “Get the contract signed you bum! Let’s get it done once and for all!” 

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The two celebrity boxers were scheduled for a face-off in December. Unfortunately, Tommy Fury had to pull out of the match due to medical reasons.

Furthermore, both fighters are now physically fit and eager to fight. The fight is expected to take place in August, although no official announcements have been made yet. What are your thoughts on Anthony Taylor’s statement? Write it down in the comments section below.



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