“It’s a False Rumor”- Bob Arum Rubbishes Conor McGregor vs Manny Pacquiao

September 28, 2020 8:12 pm

UFC star Conor McGregor recently tweeted stating he will be facing the legendary boxer, Manny Pacquiao, in the middle-east for his next bout. This led to conjecture regarding the two squaring-off in the ring.

In a recent interview, Top Rank’s founder and CEO Bob Arum weighed in on these rumors. “I think that that is a false report… I really think it’s a false report. Who is it coming from? Conor McGregor? Well, can you believe a lot of what he says?”

As far as Arum is concerned, this fight isn’t likely to take place. However, Pacquiao’s promoter, Sean Gibbons, bills the event as a “tremendous global event.”

Gibbons, President of Manny Pacquiao Promotions, is completely open to the idea of the fight between the two. He believes that McGregor proved himself to be worthy of facing the elite boxers after his bout with Floyd Mayweather.

A history of the Conor McGregor vs Manny Pacquiao bout

Conor McGregor had last faced the undefeated semi-retired pro-boxer Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring. This was “The Notorious’” professional debut where he lost via tenth-round TKO.

After having two fights in the UFC, McGregor, unable to come to terms with President Dana White for his next fight, decided to campaign for a boxing match. Only this time the competitor was touted to be the eight-division champion, Manny Pacquiao.

A hype poster for the bout was also released on social media a few months back, which got the fans serious about the event. Contract negotiations had apparently started to take place.

Though after a while the hype surrounding the fight died down due to a lack of updates regarding the same. There were no more McGregor vs Pacquiao discussions going on.

However, McGregor reignited the flames with his most recent post on social media. The validity of McGregor’s statements is something that is still clouded in mystery and intrigue.

But as far as the fans are concerned, most of them will watch anything with McGregor on the title. Be it an MMA bout, a boxing match, or even a sparring session.

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