“It’s Terrible for the Sport”- Eddie Hearn Slams the Result of Lewis Ritson vs Miguel Vazquez Main-Event

October 18, 2020 7:53 am

Super lightweight gladiators Lewis Ritson and Miguel Vazquez just went on a war against each other for the vacant WBA Intercontinental super lightweight title.

The fight went for all the 12 rounds and both boxers outpointed each other on certain occasions. While Ritson landed the bigger ones, Vazquez also responded with heat from his side. However, the former notched the win via the judge’s unanimous decision and got hold of the world title.

That said,  Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn is unhappy with the results. If not for the results, he is unhappy with the scoring system. While Ritson has bagged the win by a huge margin on the judge’s scorecard, Eddie Hearn bills it to be a “disgrace” for the sport of boxing.

Eddie Hearn slams the result of Lewis Ritson and Miguel Vazquez

After a technical war of 12 rounds,  the judges scored the contest as 115-113, 113-116, and 117-111 in the favor of Ritson. Amongst all, Terry O’Conner’s score seemed bizarre to Hearn.

The Matchroom CEO claimed that it was a neck-and-neck finish, but Harper has brought a massive margin with 111 and 117 on Ritson’s side. Speaking about in on the IFL TV, Hearn said, “It was just the strangest thing.”

He added, “Miguel Vazquez did win that fight, you know? And 117-111 is an absolute disgrace. Sometimes, you know, in a fight you judge what you like, could you have said it was a close fight, draw, for me, I don’t think so. 117-111 to Lewis Ritson was a disgrace to the card, is the only way to say it and it’s terrible for the sport.”

However, that will not change the outcome of the fight. Boasting a pro record of 21 wins and one loss, Ritson is the new WBA Inter-continental champion. Although Hearn doesn’t see him as the legitimate one, there’s no way one can write him off from the victory. Putting on a great show, Ritson has earned the belt. That said, he needs to improvise further to keep it on his shoulder.

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