Jake and Logan Paul Mimick the Fury Brothers’ First Day of Training

Published 11/09/2021, 12:56 AM EST

Jake and Logan Paul, the notorious internet personalities, have gone viral again. As ‘The Problem Child’ edges nearer to his fight against Tommy Fury, the trash talk is in full flow.


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The Fury brothers started it off as they shared their first day of training. ‘The Gypsy King’ took to his Instagram to let everyone know they began training. In the video, Tommy Fury also predicted that he will knock out Jake Paul within two rounds.

In response to their training session video, the Paul brothers came up with their own version of it, mocking the Fury brothers.


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The video started with Logan Paul looking into the camera with his hand on his cheek, just the way Tyson Fury had recorded his video.

‘The Maverick’ said, “Really happy with myself as a trainer, happy with how things went this morning, as a coach. Good morning session. Jake, how are you feeling?”

Jake Paul replied, repeating the same words a few times and stuttering to mock Tommy Fury.

Logan then asked him, “Right, right, and what’s gonna happen to Tommy Fury?” Jake replied, “I’m eating his a** in 2 rounds.” Logan appeared shocked and said, “What’d you say?” To which Paul replied, “I mean I’m beating his a** in 2 rounds.”

This sort of video trolling will only continue as we move closer to December 18.


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Jake Paul says Zayn Malik got what he deserved 

Jake Paul reacted to the whole Zayn Malik situation after tweeting out at Gigi Hadid. When asked about Zayn Malik, Paul said, “He’s a f***ing lunatic. The guy’s a complete a**hole.”

He also said that Malik deserves everything that’s coming at him.


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The whole Jake Paul and Zayn Malik situation began back in 2020, when the pair were staying at the same hotel in Las Vegas.

Reports suggest that Paul asked Malik if he was going out to party, to which Malik replied, saying, “IDGAF if you have a good night.” 

Later, Paul took to his Twitter to call out Zayn Malik in a tweet, which he later deleted.


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Could Zayn join Team Tommy Fury ahead of next month’s match?

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