Jake Paul Allegedly Invaded Anna Monroe’s DMs and Floyd Mayweather Isn’t Happy

Published 10/18/2021, 9:09 AM EDT

Jake Paul hasn’t shied away from beefing with elite-level combatants since his own entry into the mainstream fight game. With only four bouts under his belt, Paul already compares himself with the likes of world champion fighters, including Conor McGregor, Canelo Alvarez, and others.


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The 24-year-old also doesn’t hesitate to make personal comments about the fighters’ families. After grabbing severe criticisms for disrespecting McGregor’s partner, Paul is back to the clutches of critics for reportedly invading Floyd Mayweather’s partner’s DM.

According to the reports of The Sun, ‘The Problem Child’ sent humiliating texts to Mayweather’s Brit partner, Anna Monroe, on social media. According to The Sun, a source close to Mayweather confirmed it, citing the possibilities of a showdown between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather. The exact feud began when Mayweather faced Logan Paul in June at an exhibition.


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After failing to beat each other, both men departed with a controversial draw. Now, Jake Paul may want to have a piece of Floyd Mayweather in a pro-contest, and he is reportedly targeting TBE’s close allies for bagging the fight.

The source told The Sun, “Floyd has been telling pals he’s had enough of Jake Paul.”

“He thinks he’s destroying the sport of boxing by being disrespectful about great boxers and saying he wants to be world champion.”

“Then when he saw Jake had private messaged Anna – that was the final straw.”

“He believes Jake did it to get under his skin and to disrespect him.”

“The message was about how Anna needs a real man not a cheat – referring to the pictures of Floyd and his ex.”

“And he apparently told her that Floyd was scared of him after fighting his brother Paul and how he would destroy him.”


Jake Paul Challenges Conor McGregor to Assault Him

about 2 months ago

Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather rivalry

‘The Problem Child’ pushed himself to begin an altercation with Floyd Mayweather during the presser of the Mayweather vs Logan Paul fight. Following several social media banters, Paul tried to snatch away Mayweather’s cap when they both men it in person.

However, that went extremely wrong for him. Mayweather thrashed Jake Paul, and the security had to dive in to separate both men.


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The rivalry advanced as Mayweather trained with Tyron Woodley to see the UFC star beat Jake Paul. However, Paul vanquished Woodley in a massive upset. As Mayweather now has nothing left to prove on boxing, he can re-lace the gloves for a heated feud.

A scrap between Mayweather and Paul will benefit both sides’ pockets. So, we can see the matchup happen, especially after the heated altercation on social media.


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Do you think Floyd Mayweather will ever fight Jake Paul?

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