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Jake Paul Reveals What Happened to the iPhones He Stole in High School

Published 03/03/2022, 10:30 AM EST

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Jake Paul is one of the most debatable boxers and content creators in the world. Over the course of time, Paul has mastered the art of staying in the limelight with his antics. That said, he even gained attention by doing some bizarre stunts and activities for his YouTube channel. In all, Paul’s life was unusual right from his childhood.

‘The Problem Child’ back in high school wasn’t a naive kid. Also, his friend circle didn’t have the best of people. That said, in a chat with Graham Bensinger, Paul opened up some unusual anecdotes from his high school.


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‘The Problem Child’ said, “I wanted to make money, and I was sort of hanging our with the wrong people and they started stealing iPhones and flipping them for like double the amount to this like senior in the school who had a cell phone shop with his dad downtown.” 

“I think I took like, three or four phones. And then two weeks later, we’re all caught, and it didn’t last for long at all. You know, people started tattle tailing And I ended up getting suspended for 10 days,”

In the above interview, Paul also spoke about how he distracted a kid and his friends took that kid’s phone. Paul felt bad with all that he did, but as a kid, he couldn’t really register the same.

Growing up, ‘The Problem Child’ gained different experiences in his life and he got a hang of right and wrong.

Jake Paul launched Boxing Bullies to educate kids

Jake Paul has been a notorious kid in his high school and he even was a bully once. But, after figuring out what an individual goes through after getting bullied, Paul came up with a platform.


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USA Today via Reuters

The YouTuber turned boxer launched Boxing Bullies to educate young guns about the adversities of bullying.


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The 25-year-old wants to rectify his mistakes, and he doesn’t wish anyone to repeat the same. That said, this is an extraordinary step to counter bullying, which can lead to a serious impact on a kid’s life.


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What do you make of Paul’s above comments?



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