Jaron Ennis Stops Juan Carlos Abreu in a One Sided Affair – Full Breakdown

September 20, 2020 8:44 am

The welterweight bout between Jaron Ennis vs Juan Carlos Abreu on the Terrell Gausha vs Erickson Lubin card just took place. As one-sided an affair as it was, here are the play-by-play events that occurred until the end of the fight.

The bout began with Ennis taking over early in the fight and dictate the pace throughout the rounds. He was picking Abreu apart using his defensive timing, and fast and precise counter punching.

The bout maintained pretty much the same pace for the fourth round, with Ennis rattling Abreu repeatedly with his shots in the first four rounds. In the fifth round, however, Abreu landed a low blow on Ennis which caused the ref to separate the two and hold the fight. After the bout resumed, later in the round, Ennis landed a beautiful counter right-uppercut on Abreu that dropped him flat on his back.

The ref started counting, but Abreu, using his toughness, got back up till the count of 7. Both fighters then landed blows on each other after the round.

Within just 16 seconds of the sixth round, Ennis landed a hard right on Abreu’s head, which dropped him once again. Abreu survived yet again and kept fighting, despite still struggling to recover.

Near the one-minute mark of the fight, Ennis landed a picture-perfect right-left combo that knocked Abreu for the third time. By this point, the referee had seen enough and stopped the fight. Jaron Ennis was given the victory by TKO.

What’s next for Jaron Ennis after his victory over Juan Abreu?

This victory was particularly sweet for Ennis as Abreu had been running his mouth before the fight, stating he did not consider Ennis as much of a threat. He then also missed weight by 3.5 pounds before fight night.

With this fight under the wraps, it’s looking good for Ennis so far who extended his undefeated record to 26 wins with an impressive 24 knockouts. In addition to that, he became the first man to stop Abreu inside the distance.

Now the fans want to see Ennis step it up in terms of his competition and face top-level contenders and even champions to prove his mettle. With such an impressive win tonight, we can definitely say, great things are ahead for him.

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