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Julia Rose Breakup Rumor Goes Viral as Jake Paul ‘Picked the Wrong Rose’

Published 12/18/2022, 11:14 AM EST

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“Love has no language!” Something like this happened in Professional boxer and Youtuber Jake Paul’s life, which makes the line ring true. Paul’s latest post on Instagram today has puzzled fans leading them to question whether Jake Paul and his girlfriend, Julia Rose broke up again. 

Jake Paul and Julia Rose are known for their close-knit relationship over the years, Although there were a few instances of a possible split earlier. But the loved-up couple seemed to patch things up. However,  the latest post by Jake Paul has raised a question, did they break up again? 



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Jake Paul & Julia Rose’s on & off relationship

“Picked the wrong Rose” said Paul aka ‘The Problem Child’ with a picture on Instagram, posing with a ‘Rose’ between his lips. Is that an indication of something? There were rumors about a break-up between Paul and Rose for a while. It is the same way Paul revealed their break up in April 2022. 


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It is not something new in Jake Paul’s life. Their relationship blossomed with Jake Paul’s music video “These Days” in 2019. The duo has broken up several times after that in the past and again they got back together. Last April 2022, Paul stated on a video that, he and Rose are not together. After that Rose was spotted with Harry Jowes, her rumored boyfriend. Some days ago, it was on the news that ‘The Problem Child’ and Rose are again together.


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Meanwhile, in today’s post, is Paul giving some hints of the same?   


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Fans react to Jake Paul’s post hilariously

The post has been accepted by fans with mixed reactions. While some have applauded it and others said something else. Some fans asked him to move on, while some asked Paul to not worry, she will come in a few days. 

An Instagram user named iamtheznb_ asked, “Did yall break up AGAIN?” 

http.evanc is also on the same path and asked, “Why did they break up?”

Some fans have empathized with Paul that she will be back.

Loganharvey_410 wrote, “Just give it a week they’ll be back”

One fan named, stevencompain said, “She’ll be back fight week dw”

Some fans made sarcastic comments on the post.

trentondonald1 advises Paul not to go back and said, “don’t go back again mate”.


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One fan named ashlan_marie07 mentioned Paul’s old girlfriend, Erika Costell, and advised him to stay back with her.

He wrote, “Should’ve stayed w erika !”


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There is a question of whether Paul and Rose broke up already. We do not know yet. Neither Paul nor Rose confirmed it. What do you think about Jake Paul’s latest post? Tell us in the comments. 




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