Knocking Out Jake Paul Is the Only Way for Tommy Fury to Continue Boxing – Says John Fury

Published 10/18/2021, 12:22 PM EDT

Amidst talks of a rematch with Tyron Woodley, it seems Jake Paul is now opting to head down a different route. Recent online banter between Paul and Tommy Fury suggests that the two have now inched closer to fighting either later this year or early next year.


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As the much-awaited matchup between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is finally shaping up, John Fury recently shared his thoughts on this mega-fight in an interview.

Fury’s father went straight to the point and wasted no time in telling it all as it is. He suggested that if the 22-year-old fails to beat or even if he struggles to get past the ex-YouTube star, he should consider retirement right away. Even Tyson Fury recently said that if Tommy Fury loses to Paul, he would change his brother’s surname, which holds a lot of value in the boxing community.


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If it’s a close fight, Tommy’s retired. If Tommy beats him or struggles to beat him, he’s retired from boxing.

He’s a YouTuber! He’s gotta be knocking Jake Paul out. You gotta box him or knock him out. He’s a YouTuber. And I’m not wasting my time or people at the gym because I’ve not got a lot of time left at 56.

So I’m not going to train somebody I have no faith in. So I’ve told him unless you knock him out, I’ll forget me with boxing because he’s a YouTuber,” said John Fury.

Why was the Cleveland crowd not pleased with Fury vs Taylor?

Leading up to his USA debut, Tommy Fury had taken shots at Jake Paul and had promised his fans that he would knock him out in a fight. At the final press conference, the two even took shots at each other.

With this heavy build-up coupled with big promises of knockouts and dropping each other unconscious, fans came out to Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse on August 29 with extremely high expectations from both Paul and Fury.

To say the least, Fury’s performance against Anthony Taylor came off as underwhelming to most in attendance at the arena. Fans booed as the fight did not see many exciting turns at any point.

However, looking back at the highlights, the 22-year-old did a decent job and ultimately bagged a unanimous decision win. He knew how to use his jab effectively, he managed to create distance at times and even landed effective combinations including sharp uppercuts and body shots.

But there were also clear gaps in his approach- he simply didn’t how to react to clinches and locks. Unlike Tyson Fury, the younger brother did not show signs of a ‘Kronk’ approach of locking the opponent in a clinch and then landing overhand rights.

Were the fans in Cleveland biased towards the town-native fighting Tyron Woodley that night? Perhaps.

However, none of what Tommy Fury had to offer that night was enough for the fans in Cleveland as well as those watching online. Almost everybody expected the chiseled 22-year-old to capitalize on his size, reach and height to drop and completely overpower Taylor. While he failed to deliver a knockout finish, he still did a fine job at outboxing Taylor.

Can Tommy Fury knockout Jake Paul?

Contrary to popular opinion, Tommy Fury is capable of knocking out his opponents. Half of his seven total wins in the pro-boxing domain have come by way of KO/ TKO.

However, taking a look back at his previous fights, almost all of his knockout victims were ‘easy’ opponents with more losses than wins on their records.

So, should we expect Tommy Fury to knock out Jake Paul in a fight? Probably not.

Many like to disregard everything that Jake Paul has done so far in the boxing world; however, the fact is he is a decent boxer with a heavy hand that itches for knockouts.

But if we’re highlighting the records of Fury’s opponents, it is also important to consider Paul’s record; he has only managed to drop a YouTuber, an NBA athlete, and a retired wrestling specialist.

The one time he faced a legitimate opponent, Tyron Woodley, he somehow managed to slip into the win column with a close split decision win. That speaks volumes about the technical and the in-ring capabilities of ‘The Problem Child’.

Regardless of who he has fought, Jake Paul, much like Tommy Fury, possesses an elementary level knowledge of the sport. Both fighters have shown that they are not hellbent on landing knockout shots. They clearly understand the necessity of working the jab at all times and creating and maintaining distance throughout the fight.


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It is unclear if either of them can knock each other out. We’ve seen Paul nearly collapse with Woodley’s heavy cross punch in round 4. However, Fury’s chin is yet to be tested in the ring.

This should be a very interesting fight and this matchup already has all the necessary elements of a PPV bestseller.

How do you see this fight playing out?


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