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KNOCKOUT! David Adeleye Crushes Phil Williams in the Third Round

KNOCKOUT! David Adeleye Crushes Phil Williams in the Third Round

23-year old David Adeleye grabbed the third win of his career in as many fights with a win over Phil Williams. Adeleye vs Williams was the opener of the night for Daniel Dubious vs Ricardo Snijders.

The Ladbroke Grove heavyweight was already highly regarded before coming into the contest. He had served as a training partner for Tyson Fury during his preparation for the Deontay Wilder fight. Williams was a step up in competition for Adeleye.

Although, the pugilist from across the Atlantic had a meager record of only 3 wins and 25 losses. However, he has only been stopped thrice in those 25 defeats. Adeleye’s punches started finding their home early on during the fight. He landed both upstairs and to the body as well. However, Williams did a good job of surviving.

The first round ended giving us a glimpse of what was to come. The journeyman Williams was doing his best to survive. In the second round, Adeleye rocked Williams with a left jab. He followed it up with a couple of heavy body shots. The story of the round was the same as before. Adeleye landed more and more. However, Willams was absorbing it so far.

Adeleye’s jab sent Williams backing into the ropes. The latter took another dangerous hook as the round came to an end.

David Adeleye stops Phil Williams in the third round

Just like the first two rounds, Adeleye kept on landing in the third as well. Williams was on pure survival mode. While he attempted some jabs of his own, Adeleye dodged them pretty easily. Adeleye landed a hard right over the top that had Williams in trouble.

Another similar over the top right sent Williams backing into the ropes once again. It only took three more hard shots before the referee decided that he had seen enough. Thus, Adeleye cruised to his third victory.

The young prospect has been looking sharp in his career so far. He is reaping the full benefits of sparring with WBC heavyweight champ Tyson Fury.

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