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Legendary Commentator Jim Lampley Brands Tyson Fury’s Netflix Show “Distraction” While Ripping Into Him for His Performance Against Francis Ngannou “You Run the Risk That…”

Published 11/21/2023, 8:29 AM EST

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How did Francis Ngannou nearly defeat the lineal heavyweight champion? Rather, how did Tyson Fury let ‘The Predator’ dominate him in his own backyard? It’s a question that has kept fans and pundits alike up at night! However, Jim Lampley, a legendary boxing commentator, has revealed a potential reason.

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While appearing in a recent interview with Fight Hub TV, the former HBO commentator blamed Fury’s recent Netflix show as the main culprit. Lampley did not stop there! He went on to rip apart ‘The Gypsy King’ for his lackluster performance during the Ngannou fight. With decades of expertise in the sport behind his seasoned age, Lampley confidently detailed his thoughts on the matter.

Jim Lampley would not have blamed the TV show earlier


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While speaking to Fight Hub TV, Lampley began by revealing he watched the TV show, which is available on Netflix. “Several weeks ago, I turned on and watched his reality television show. It’s available on Netflix,” said Lampley. After watching the show, Lampley thought it would be a distraction for Fury, who needs constant focus. “I thought to myself, what a distraction. What a negative for somebody in his position, who needs to keep focus going forward toward events,” Lampley said.

Lampley then claimed that he would not have guessed the TV show would affect Fury’s performance when he watched. But after the fight happened, his first thought was to blame the TV show.


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“Would I have told you…that this is going to be his comeuppance…No! I would never have said that. But when I saw what happened against Ngannou. My first thought was when you decide to…doing a reality television show, you run the risk that this kind of thing can take place,” said Jim. With that said, Fury is about to face Oleksandr Usyk, and here is what Bob Arum has to say about it.

Bob Arum claims Tyson Fury is better prepared for Oleksandr Usyk


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After witnessing Fury’s embarrassing performance, many have speculated how Fury would fair against the Ukrainian heavyweight. During a recent interview with Sky Sports, legendary promoter Bob Arum claimed that Fury would do better against Oleksandr Usyk in their upcoming clash in February next year.

“Going in with Ngannou…nobody had a book on him because he never had a prize fight,” said Arum. He went on to suggest that fighting Usyk is different because Fury’s team has records and films of his fights. Arum added, I think Tyson will be a lot better prepared against Usyk than he was against Ngannou.” 


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Do you think the Netflix show affected Fury’s performance? And with Fury being more focused now, will he be able to beat Usyk? Let us know in the comments.

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