American Youtube sensation Logan Paul often lands himself into controversies. He has a massive global fanbase, but he also has detractors who try to troll him or bring him down. Recently he shared a heartfelt note on Twitter given to him by a fan. However, someone made a rather controversial comment on it, and Andrew Tate pitched in to back the claim.  


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Logan Paul is quite engaging with his audience, and just recently he shared a message that a fan had written to him. The owner of the letter highlighted how Paul’s videos were helpful to him during difficult times and claimed that Paul is sincerely a great person.

Paul shared the letter and wrote, ‚ÄúNote from the passenger next to me‚Ķ I needed this right now. Thank you lain‚ÄĚ

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Following this, a Twitter user said, ‚Äúnot logan writing himself a note to distract from his controversy‚ÄĚ

Andrew Tate, a former kickboxing champion, shared the tweet in support of the theory that Paul wrote the note personally to distract people amid the CryptoZoo scandal.

What is the CryptoZoo project? 

The 27-year-old is a smart businessman who frequently posts information about his business endeavors online. He has repeatedly stated his firm belief in NFTs as the technology of the future. He first made the CryptoZoo initiative public in 2020 via his podcast.

Many people made investments in the NFT because of the enormous fan base Paul has. People were eventually unable to withdraw the money and lost it.

YouTube icon Coffeezilla has also made a video in an effort to bring Paul’s fraudulent actions to light. Despite Paul’s public admission that he was dealing with the wrong folks, people are still upset with him since they lost their money.

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Andrew Tate slaps back at Logan Paul for CryptoZoo controversy?


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 Logan’s brother Jake Paul and the former’s business partner KSI have been at crossroads for quite a long time now. Jake and KSI also berate each other online, as they are looking forward to a potential fight in 2023. 



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Tate feels that Logan is hiding away from making a statement on the subject. Andrew Tate mentioned in his podcast that Logan is a ‚Äėperforming clown‚Äô, and hesitates to speak on crucial subjects as he fears that his Youtube channel would be banned.

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