Logan Paul And Mike Majlak Reveal Why God is “Pi**ed Off at The Island Boys”

Published 07/26/2023, 2:15 PM EDT

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Logan Paul‘s “Impaulsive,” podcast hosts an array of guests from different walks of life. However, back in December of 2021, for the first time ever in podcast history, the guests walked off mid-episode. And those guests were the ‘Island Boys.’ At that time, the Island Boys became a TikTok sensation and were garnering attention by the day. During the episode, the viral duo did not appreciate a question asked by the co-host, George Janko. The twin social media influencers were evidently frustrated and left the podcast in the middle of it.

Fast forward to July of 2023, Paul and Mike Majlak recalled that event after the duo was in the headlines over an intriguing incident. The revelation prompted Paul to make an assertion that “God is “Pi**ed Off,” at them. What was the incident that lead Paul and his co-host to make this statement? Let’s unwrap this question and dive deep into the reaction of the ‘Maverick.”

“That’s low”: Logan Paul on Island Boys’ recent controversy


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The Island Boys are in the news for kissing each other in a viral video. The clip of the same ignited distinct reactions and left many speechless. Meanwhile, Paul and the co-host of “Impaulsive,” weighed in on the video. Majlak and Paul, just like many others, were curious.

Majlak stated, “I do not care what god you pray to, it doesn’t matter which god you pray to, whoever your god is, is pi**ed off at the Island Boys.”

 Paul responded, “They are twin brothers, making out with each other to promote their only fans,” He adds, “That’s low.” 

Meanwhile, Majlak was more concerned to know if twins are legally permitted to make love. He asked, “Is that illegal? Is it illegal for them to do that?” Paul responded, “Incest is not illegal.” 

Thereafter, they found that it is not illegal as long as they do not have s*xu*l intercourse.

It is safe to say that Paul and Majlak were not too thrilled by the video. However, the Island Boys are not fond of them either. Let’s dive in on the fraternal twins explaining why they left the podcast mid-way through.

Island boys on leaving Impaulsive podcast mid-way


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  In an interview, brothers Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja revealed that they did not regret waking out. ‘The viral duo stated, “No I Wouldn’t regret it. I went, probably five times more viral than in that podcast.” He added, “That probably would have what it had like a regular sit down and talk. That threw me off, I was like.”

It is safe to say that the Island Boys and Paul are not to fond of each other. However, what do you make of the viral video of the two twin brothers kissing each other? In addition, what are your opinions on them leaving the podcast? Share with us in the comments section below.


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