Logan Paul Delves Into the Juicy Details of the FDA’s Investigation on Prime

Published 07/26/2023, 1:17 PM EDT

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Among the social media celebrities-turned-athletes, Logan Paul stands out as a formidable figure. Recently, however, Paul has found himself amid a controversy that extends beyond the boxing ring. This is about Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, who urged The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to investigate PRIME.

PRIME is an energy drink brand co-owned by Paul and fellow YouTuber KSI. The controversy centers around the drink’s high caffeine content, raising concerns about its potential health impacts. This has raised questions about the future of PRIME and its impact on Paul’s reputation. But, what exactly happened?

Logan Paul and the FDA’s Investigation of PRIME

In his podcast, IMPAULSIVE, Logan Paul revealed, “FDA is not investigating PRIME as a stance.”  However, the details about the rumor of this investigation are an intertwined web of complexities. Paul said,  “I woke up on a Sunday, and I see Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is urging the FDA to investigate PRIME. And in my head, I go… ‘What’s… what’s going… why is this…?’ We’re FDA compliant in America, like, obviously. We’re with our partners, are ninjas in this industry, nothing we’re… we’re just… we’re literally just following the rules.”

As the discussion progressed, Mike Majlak, the co-host of the podcast, added, “I know it’s something you’re not compliant with. You ain’t writing those checks, buddy. You ain’t writing the checks. My sister, my lobbyist sister, told you that if you ain’t gonna f**king pay them, they’re gonna come for you.”
Paul was quick to admit the fact that Majlak’s sister was the first person to warn him before. Moreover, Paul added, “Lobbyists, who want to create negative headlines about our product, that is quite literally disrupting the market and eating their market share, are not happy about it. I get it, it’s all a strategic gameplay.”
But, the question remains, what led to this controversy?

All about the PRIME controversy

PRIME, has been marketed as a zero sugar, vegan drink. However, it’s the high caffeine content – 200 milligrams per 12 ounces – that has raised eyebrows and led to this controversy. This amount of caffeine is equivalent to about six cans of Coke or nearly two Red Bulls, a level that has led to bans in some schools in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Senator Charles Schumer has been vocal about his concerns, calling on the FDA to investigate PRIME. He criticized the brand’s online marketing, which he claimed made little distinction between PRIME and PRIME Hydration, a separate sports drink from the same company that contains no caffeine. In response, a representative from PRIME stated that consumer safety is their top priority and that they welcome discussions with the FDA or any other organization regarding necessary industry changes to protect consumers.

As Logan Paul navigates the challenges posed by the PRIME caffeine content controversy, his future in the boxing ring also continues to pique interest. With potential fights and a return to WWE on the horizon, Paul’s career continues to be a source of intrigue for fans and critics alike. As we wait for more developments, we invite our readers to share their thoughts. What do you think about this controversy? And who would you like to see Logan Paul fight next? Let us know in the comments below.

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