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Logan Paul Looks Back at ‘Unforgivable Past,’ Reveals How Boxing Changed His Life

Published 05/31/2021, 8:30 AM EDT

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YouTuber Logan Paul is now a familiar name to combat fans. Although many demeaned the celebrity’s entry into professional boxing, the sport has been beneficial for the 26-year-old.

The Internet star has had his share of controversies in the past. Starting from his vines to vlogs, ‘The Maverick’ has garnered enough criticism. That said, he wanted to change peoples’ perception of him and found boxing as a gateway.

In a chat with SHOWTIME Sports, Logan Paul said, “After the Tokyo Incident back in 2017, I really didn’t know what to do. I was a lost kid. That was the lowest point of my life. I had done something that was almost unforgivable.”


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He added, “I had a mission, and the mission was to show people that I was better than what I had portrayed previously. So it was an unwiring that started with me, personally, off-camera, behind the scenes.”


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Although Paul has found no legitimate success inside the ring, he has received a lot from the sport. Despite having a 0-1 pro record, the YouTuber will now face Floyd Mayweather in a massive exhibition.

Win or lose, it would be an enormous feather in Paul’s cap and will clearly add millions to his bank account. But can he secure a win?

Can Logan Paul vanquish Floyd Mayweather?

Considering the circumstances, Logan Paul might land an upset. Per the rules, ‘The Maverick’ will be allowed to weigh 30 lbs more than ‘Money’. This may play a huge role in the fight.


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However, Floyd Mayweather has competed against 50 professional boxers, including umpteen world champions. Hence, Logan Paul doesn’t fall under a similar bracket to him. But given boxing’s unpredictability, the biggest upset may be en route.


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The event will be streamed live on Showtime (US) and Sky Sports (UK).


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Do you think Logan Paul will continue his journey in boxing after facing Floyd Mayweather? Let us know in the comments below.



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