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Logan Paul Reveals How Many Millions Of Dollars He Lost In Cryptocurrency and NFT’s During Crypto Crash

Published 06/20/2022, 4:35 AM EDT

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Logan Paul is one of the wealthiest YouTubers in the world, but he has made the majority of his wealth outside the video platform by using his brand to try on new projects. He has ventured into boxing, professional wrestling, and even cryptocurrency, investing in various digital coins and NFTs.

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However, it has not been smooth sailing for Paul in the cryptocurrency market, as the YouTube star recently revealed that he lost a lot of money during the cryptocurrency crash.


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Logan Paul reveals crypto losses

Paul appeared as a guest in an episode of the ‘Flagrant’ podcast hosted by comedian Andrew Schulz, where he was questioned by Schulz about his losses in the crypto crash.

Schulz asked Paul, “Tell me how much you’ve been rinsed by crypto and like NFTs right now“. Paul then immediately took out his phone to check the price of his crypto investments and stated his thoughts on the market crash., “It could be the worst crash we have seen, maybe ever, yeah it’s bad dude Ether’s set at 1538. I don’t know if you invest. That’s absurd. It was 2k yesterday 1900, double, maybe six months ago”


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Paul then revealed his losses in crypto-currency saying, ” strictly crypto around $ 750k” and “NFTs just by the nature of crypto half a million“, which apparently Schulz found not to be too much as he responds,” Okay that’s not crazy“, and “ for how big you are in the space that’s not too much”.

It seems that Paul has lost around $1.2 million dollars from his investments in cryptocurrency, but as Schulz said, this won’t hurt the Maverick too much in the long run.

Will these losses affect Paul’s financial status?

$1.2 million is a lot of money, but for Paul, it might just be a minor blow to his $45 million net worth as of 2022, just like his career, The Maverick has also diversified his financial ventures.


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He has partnered up with fellow Youtuber KSI to form an energy company drink, Prime Energy, and he also has his own apparel company, Maverick Apparel. Furthermore, he has also hinted that he would make a return to boxing and at just 27 years old, Paul will have a lot of opportunities to make up for his losses.

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