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Logan Paul Vows to Destroy Floyd Mayweather – “I Would Snap the ** in Half”

Logan Paul Vows to Destroy Floyd Mayweather – “I Would Snap the ** in Half”

YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul claims that he can beat the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather in a boxing contest. He recently teased the matchup and called out Mayweather to go toe to toe against him in the ring.

That said, Mayweather has also teased its possibility in the past. However, the cross-promotion fight is still far away from being sealed.

While ‘Money’ has announced his return in 2021 at Tokyo Dome, he won’t be accepting a fight against Logan Paul anytime sooner.

It doesn’t even make much sense for his legacy since Floyd Mayweather has already defeated the World Champions and Logan has just turned a professional.

Meanwhile, ‘The Maverick’ recently lashed out at Mayweather, vowing to beat him with one clean shot if they were to face-off. Although it might seem bizarre to several fans, Logan has appeared confident while passing such remarks.


Logan Paul unleashes heat on Floyd Mayweather

Logan has recently been spotted in Los Angeles, where he interacted with the media. His younger brother Jake Paul already has a fight against Nate Robinson in the undercard of Tyson vs Jones on November 28, but Logan Paul hasn’t appeared in action since his maiden defeat against KSI.

Nevertheless, he wants the best competition now and has set his eyes on ‘Money’. He said, “If I caught him. If I caught Floyd with one punch, one punch. I would snap the **** in half. You know me, I am eight inches taller. I am 40 lbs heavier.”

Mayweather has said that he will not face boxers at this stage but is open to exhibition bouts with MMA fighters. Thus, a collision against Logan Paul can bring huge attention to the boxing messiah.

The 43-year-old has achieved it all in the sport and has nothing left to prove. So, he can comfortably pick up easy challenges at this point, to keep himself relevant in the news. Especially when Logan Paul is calling him out constantly.

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