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“Look at Prince Rico looking at His Mammy”: Tyson Fury’s Wife Paris Fury Advertising “Winter Pajamas” Ends Up Being a Cute Family Photo, Fans in Awe

Published 11/21/2023, 7:02 AM EST

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In a delightful glimpse into the Fury family’s festive preparations, Tyson Fury‘s wife, Paris Fury, showcased her winter cheer with an adorable photo featuring her children decked out in what she affectionately calls “Winter Pajamas.” As the holiday spirit began to twinkle, fans couldn’t help but join the chorus of support for this heartwarming scene.

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The photo captures more than just a festive moment; it encapsulates the anticipation and joy that Christmas brings. “They’re not Christmas pyjamas, they’re winter pyjamas I can’t help it, I love Christmas!” echoes the joint enthusiasm associated with the festive period as it approaches.

Christmas with the Furys


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The light and humorous approach creates a warm atmosphere typical of a home during the festival season. Paris Fury and her brood are waiting in high anticipation and matching “Winter Pajamas” for the day of good tidings and joy to arrive.

One fan points out, “Look at Prince Rico looking at his Mammy”. It is a known fact that Tyson Fury and his wife and children share a very wholesome and fulfilling relationship.


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Readers are left asking where ‘The Gypsy King’ is hiding. Where’s Tyson hiding?‟ sparks curiosity about the mysterious existence of the heavyweight champion behind the scenes of family holiday planning. 


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A post shared by Paris Fury (@parisfury1)

One fan charmingly states that “Christmas isn’t just one day” and therefore reminds everyone of the magic extending beyond December 25.

The phrase “pretty babies” by one of the observers injects some sweetness into the tale. During her reality TV show, ‘At Home with the Furys’, Paris revealed she had never experienced such vulnerability or a sense of powerlessness as when her baby girl fought for her life in the intensive care unit. But now Athena, Tyson Fury’s now 2-year-old, is healthy. And the Fury family understands even the smallest of blessings, as stated in the post.

Tyson Fury and his special girl

Paris Fury recently shared a harrowing experience concerning the birth of her newborn. The couple, already parents to six children, welcomed a baby boy on September 18. However, Paris recounted the terrifying moment when their newborn, Athena, became ‘floppy and unresponsive’ shortly after being handed to her for the first time.

Initially placed on a ventilator to assist with breathing, Athena’s condition seemed stable when the medical team removed her from the device, allowing Paris to hold her. Yet, this joyous moment quickly turned into a nightmare as Athena struggled for life. The infant became pale, floppy, and unresponsive, ceasing to breathe. In a panic, Paris summoned medical assistance, and doctors rushed to resuscitate the child, whose heart had stopped beating.


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A post shared by Paris Fury (@parisfury1)

Subsequently, Tyson Fury, unaware of the crisis as he had gone for a run, was urgently called back by Paris. Fortunately, he returned in time to witness their daughter’s revival and her subsequent placement back on the ventilator, having reportedly been without a heartbeat for three minutes. Tyson Fury later stated that his baby girl was a champion, a warrior, and a fighter.


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With the pugilist coming in hot after a remarkable victory against Francis Ngannou, and Paris doing incredibly well with her various sponsorships, fans can’t help but celebrate along with the family.

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