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Mayweather Promotions CEO Claims Ryan Garcia “F*ck*d Off” the Opportunity of Landing Gervonta Davis Fight Amid Potential Manny Pacquiao Claims

Published 05/19/2022, 2:02 AM EDT

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In a recent tweet, Ryan Garcia took a dig at Isaac Cruz, the potential contender for Garcia and his management team because of which Garcia lost an opportunity to fight Gervonta Davis. On the other hand, days before Gervonta Davis’ last fight under Mayweather Promotions, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions shared his perspective on Garcia’s missed opportunity. 

In a recent interview with Fight Hype, Leonard Ellerbe criticized Ryan Garcia for pushing away his chance to fight Davis by explaining some supportive facts. 


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Ellerbe first discussed how he always ensured that his events were successful ones. He said, “ One thing about Mayweather promotions and, and PBC, we don’t negotiate and talk in public. We leave that to the loudmouth a*s you know who, okay. That’s not the way you make events happen, okay.”

“Because again, whether be it the fans or certain people, biased people in the media, they’ll f*ck it up if you leave it to that. You know you gotta go and make a deal behind the scenes and then you announce.”

While relating his event’s success strategy, he explained how Garcia missed his opportunity to fight Davis in order to take up another fight.

Ellerbe said, “ That’s how it’s supposed to go. You know what I mean, but at the end of the day as it relates to Ryan Garcia. He’s a good fighter, wish him nothing but the best. Yeah, yeah, he f*cked off that opportunity with Tank. Yeah, he did. And it’s just recently as a couple of months ago.”

Why didn’t Ryan Garcia take up a fight against ‘Tank’?

In his recent tweet, ‘King Ry‘ explained why he couldn’t sign a fight against Gervonta Davis. He tweeted, “The things i say aren’t necessarily towards Cruz but Sometimes people need to face reality! His management team who was or is part of Manny Pacquiao team, Straight cost me a gervonta fight in the past by straight lying to me about that manny fight, and now bullshitting again.”

Garcia blamed the management of Isaac Cruz, who showed him the hopes of getting a fight with Manny Pacquiao. Because of this, Garcia skipped a good chance to fight Gervonta Davis. 


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Gervonta Davis bids farewell to Mayweather promotions on a bitter note

‘Tank’ will fight his last bout under the Mayweather promotions on May 28. He will face the young prodigy of Mayweather Promotions, Rolando Romero, to defend his WBA Lightweight title.

Davis earned a lot of fame and money with an association under his existing promotions. But due to some reasons, he is taking a leave.

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The actual reason is not known yet, but it seems that there’s an ongoing rift between the boxer and the promotion which is portrayed by Davis on his Twitter.


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There are several tweets by Davis which show that he doesn’t share the same bond with Mayweather Promotions as he used to do.


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Now that Davis takes a leave from Mayweather Promotions, Ryan Garcia will have to wait longer to seek another opportunity to fight ‘Tank’ as once again, a new promoter will have to build the hype for the event from scratch.

If both the fighters face each other in the ring, who will win the fight? Let us know your views in the comments below.



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