Mayweather Promotions’ CEO Makes a Bold Statement on Possible Championship Fight Between, Floyd’s 1-0 Protégé Curmel Moton and Featherweight Titleholder Leigh Wood

Published 10/17/2023, 10:15 AM EDT

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Last weekend, the English Boxer Leigh Wood stepped into the ring against Josh Warrington, for the WBA world featherweight title. The tension was palpable; the stakes were high, and the outcome was uncertain. As the fight unfolded, punches flew and strategies collided. Leigh Wood showcased his determination and, in the end, Wood emerged victorious with a seventh-round KO. But what if there was another contender facing Wood instead of Warrington?

Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotion, made a “bold statement” in a recent conversation with FightHype.com. He insinuated that if Leigh Wood had gone up against Curmel Moton, Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s protégé, things wouldn’t have been so easy. Leonard Ellerbe’s words lingered in the air, prompting fans to wonder how the presence of Curmel might have altered the course of the match.

Leonard Ellerbe believes Curmel Moton would have stopped Leigh Wood


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In a recent interview, Leonard Ellerbe commended Leigh on his spectacular win,” That was really good. It was really good. But Man it would have been a whole different ball game if he had been in there with Curmel.” He went on to claim boldly, “Curmel would have stopped Leigh Wood.”

The confidence he has in the 17-year-old pugilist is palpable. Being the protégé of ‘Money’ Mayweather, his name is on everyone’s mind. Curmel recently had his pro debut at the Canelo Alvarez vs Jermell Charlo event and came out of the ring victorious, which was no easy feat.

Moreover, being on Ellerbe’s radar is no easy feat. We might most definitely be looking at a bout between the English and the American native. With Curmel having the support of the likes of Mayweather, we hope for great things for the young bruiser.


The sport, ever unpredictable, reminds us that within the squared circle, anything is possible. Whether it’s an underdog rising to the occasion or a seasoned veteran proving their mettle, boxing showcases the indomitable human spirit in its purest form.

Leigh Wood bout Unlikely


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Floyd Mayweather Jr has been driving this matchup relentlessly. His hopes for Moton to fight against Wood for his pro debut remained unfulfilled. Challenging a 17-year-old newcomer when you’re a two-time world champion seems utterly nonsensical. Consequently, since Wood declined the opportunity, Moton made his professional debut against Ezequiel Flores, dispatching him swiftly in the very first round.

According to Boxing Scene, it’s unlikely that Wood will accept the offer. His recent knockout victory against Warrington solidifies his claim as one of the best fighters in the 126-pound category. At this fork in the road, the opponent Moton faces seems inconsequential. He has already confirmed his return to the ring in November. However, Moton remains hopeful that Wood will accept the challenge. In a recent interview, Moton expressed his eagerness to face Leigh Wood.


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The boxing world continues to evolve, with each fight adding another chapter to its rich tapestry. And as fans eagerly anticipate the next thrilling matchup, they do so with the knowledge that in boxing, the only certainty is the unexpected.

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