“Mayweather Wasn’t Even Trying”: Fans Go Wild as Floyd Mayweather Gives Blueface a Hard Time While Sparring in Resurfaced Clip

Published 08/22/2023, 7:20 AM EDT

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In the boxing ring, things can get unpredictable. Especially when a rap icon and a boxing legend come face to face. That’s right. Amariih X dropped a bombshell on the internet. A sparring video, where punches aren’t the only thing catching attention. Floyd Mayweather and Blueface locked gloves in a duel that’s anything but ordinary.

For many, it’s like watching a cat play with a mouse, or a chess grandmaster facing a beginner. The rapper, known for “Thotiana”, isn’t just dabbling in music. He has ventured into the boxing world. On the other side, Mayweather, with a record many can only dream of. As the video plays, it’s not about who wins. It’s about the audacity of the match-up itself.

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The video kicks off with Blueface, dressed in his boxing gear, ready to trade blows with Mayweather. The atmosphere is tense, yet electrifying. Initially, Blueface appears to be a formidable opponent, landing a few quick jabs. But as the session progresses, it becomes crystal clear: Mayweather is in a league of his own.

Speaking of leagues, fans had a field day reacting to this spectacle. Dionthompson8964 couldn’t help but chuckle, stating, “Mayweather wasn’t even trying.” Indeed, Mayweather’s relaxed demeanor throughout the bout spoke volumes about his skill level. Moving seamlessly between punches, he made it look like child’s play.


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Next up, Hoosiernative9668 adds another layer to the discussion: “When Floyd isn’t bothered to move his head and eat your punches, you know you’re in trouble.” Here, Mayweather not only dodges punches but at times, deliberately takes them, showcasing his utter confidence.

Transitioning to a more analytical viewpoint, Nino2910 observes, “Floyd mastered the sport so well he just plays around with people.” Mayweather’s casual approach becomes a live demonstration of his mastery, a sort of in-ring tutorial for aspiring boxers and fans alike.

However, it’s not all jest and taunts. MrShehateme12288 flips the script, giving credit where it’s due: “Shout out to Blueface for having the courage to spar one of the goats. Respect.” Courage is an understatement when you’re sharing the ring with a living legend.


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Rounding off the fan reactions, Alexpark4193 puts a spotlight on Blueface’s technique: “Blueface’s jab is pretty decent. Nothing on it, but it’s quick.” Though overshadowed by Mayweather’s prowess, Blueface’s fundamentals do not go unnoticed.

The sparring match between Blueface and Mayweather isn’t just a fleeting moment on the internet. It’s a testament to the intersections of two vastly different worlds. Both figures, at the pinnacle of their respective careers, come together to offer a spectacle that’s more than just punches and jabs.

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As you reflect on this, we leave you with a question: If given an opportunity, which legend from a different field would you spar with?

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