Mike Tyson Believes He Holds the Key to Beating Tyson Fury

Published 11/04/2021, 12:51 PM EDT

It still never really feels like Mike Tyson is 55-years-old. In a new video update, the youngest heavyweight champion can be seen sitting ringside in training with his hands wrapped. Among other things, Tyson highlighted in this video that he holds the key to beating ‘The Gypsy King’, Tyson Fury.


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He was recently asked about what kind of an approach he would use if he was matched up with the current WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury.


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After 18 amateur fights and 58 professional fights, Mike Tyson has seen enough. He has quite literally faced all kinds of opponents with distinct styles and approaches. Even though Tyson Fury is an exceptionally skilled fighter, ‘Iron’ Mike has something much more unique in his arsenal – experience.

‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ had a clear cut response when asked about an ideal approach to defeat Tyson Fury –

Remember how I fought ‘Razor’ Ruddock in the first fight, that’s how we fight him,” said Mike Tyson.

How did Mike Tyson defeat Donovan Ruddock the first time?

Mike Tyson fought heavyweight contender Donovan Ruddock twice in 1991, both 3 months apart. Stepping into both fights, Tyson faced a much heavier and taller Ruddock, who also had a much longer arm reach. It seemed as if ‘Razor’ had every single tool in the bag necessary to beat ‘Iron’ Mike.

Little did Ruddock know, Mike Tyson was equipped with a very straightforward game plan that allowed him to defeat his opponent not once, but twice in less than six months.

Being the shorter opponent with a shorter reach, Tyson knew his usual striking approach would not have worked against ‘Razor’. So, he broke him down minute by minute.

The central element of Tyson’s game plan in both fights was to attack Ruddock’s body throughout the fight and then move in for the kill when he started to show signs of retreat and pain.

Extensive body shots, constant head movement, superior defense, and extremely fluid in-ring movement allowed Mike Tyson to beat Donovan Ruddock by TKO in the first and then a UD in the rematch.

LAS VEGAS, NV – CIRCA 1991: Heavyweight fighter Mike Tyson, right, fights Donovan Ruddock, left, in a heavyweight fight circa 1991 at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

So, it made complete sense for Mike Tyson to think that facing Fury would be similar to fighting ‘Razor’, considering all physical advantages.

However, what he did not take into account is that, unlike Ruddock, Fury is notorious for his non-heavyweight in-ring movement. While ‘Razor’ seemed almost stationary in both fights, ‘The Gypsy King’ would never find himself in that same position.

Taking all angles into account, do you think Mike Tyson’s approach against Donovan Ruddock would work against Tyson Fury?

Is a ‘Tyson vs Tyson’ clash a real possibility?

The youngest heavyweight champion is clearly not done with the squared circle just yet. He is determined to take on tougher challenges.

If this (Lennox Lewis) goes well, Imma push myself deeper. I don’t know, maybe, Tyson Fury, he told me, if I keep winning if I do good. That’s my buddy,” said Mike Tyson.

While Roy Jones Jr and Lennox Lewis can still be considered as fair matchups, Tyson Fury is still in his prime and is trying to smash his way up to the heavyweight throne.

Given that other top contenders are already in line to fight him, will Tyson Fury even have the time to fight ‘Iron’ Mike?


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Turns out, even ‘The Gypsy King’ wants to face ‘Iron’ Mike. He recently said that if he is unable to lock down a fight with Dillian Whyte, he would instead “love” to fight boxing legend Mike Tyon in an old vs new generation exhibition match.

I love watching Mike fight, his comeback was amazing and I would love to fight Mike in an exhibition. If the December fight with Dillian Whyte doesn’t happen, I would love to fight Mike in an exhibition.

Tyson vs Tyson, past vs present, there is so much fun to have out there in this game,” said Tyson Fury.


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Would you like to see Fury and Tyson fight?

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