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Mike Tyson Contemplates Kobe Bryant’s ‘Bully’ on Court Nature After Matt Barnes’ Recollection

Published 05/24/2022, 3:42 AM EDT

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Mike Tyson and Kobe Bryant are two of the most eccentric personalities in their respective sports. So it is only natural that Tyson could relate to the on-court intensity that Bryant brought to the game of basketball.

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The ‘Iron’ Mike reacted to Matt Barnes’ recollection of the infamous incident where Barnes had faked the ball in Kobe Bryant’s face, who didn’t even flinch.


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In an episode of the Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, the legendary boxer had this to say While Barnes was shedding some light on his beef;

In other words, he’s a bully, right?” to which Matt Barnes responded by saying,” On the basketball court, yeah! You know intimidation is a Mo**** F*****, but I wasn’t intimidated and that following summer he called and asked me to come be a Laker.”

In the podcast, the trio also discussed Bryant’s mentality.

Tyson relates to the ‘Mamba Mentality’

Mike Tyson seemed to relate to this mindset, as he was also famous for bullying his opponents within the ring.

He understands that whether it is boxing or basketball, the mindset needs to be the same. Kobe Bryant was always the toughest guy on the court, and Mike Tyson was the toughest guy in the ring.


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Both of them have also achieved the pinnacle of their respective sports with this mindset and many have even tried to replicate it but have failed to do so. It seems that there are a select few individuals who can tap into this mentality, and Tyson is certainly one of them.

Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

Tyson also gave his opinion when Stephen Jackson asked who did he think has a better legacy. And Tyson responded, “Nothing could beat death, Kobe’s not around anymore, let’s wait and see until MJ’s not around anymore, then we will see who’s the biggest“.

Tyson seems to hold the NBA legend in even higher regard after Bryant passed away in 2020 and thinks that comparisons on their legacy can only be made after Jordan passes away.


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The former heavyweight champ was once famous for his boxing and lifestyle, but moreover, he is now catching the attention of people with his conversations. This is the reason that his podcast now has over 489,000 subscribers on YouTube and has hosted some of the most famous celebrities and athletes.

Although the two greats might have competed in different sports, they were cut from the same cloth.


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