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Mike Tyson Feels Edgar Berlanga “Looked Sensational” on the Undercard of Teofimo Lopez vs Vasyl Lomachenko

Mike Tyson Feels Edgar Berlanga “Looked Sensational” on the Undercard of Teofimo Lopez vs Vasyl Lomachenko

Heavyweight icon Mike Tyson is impressed with Edgar Berlanga’s sensational first-round knockout win over Lanell Bellows in their recent face-off. However, he demands more from the American super middleweight. Coming off strong from the very initial moment, Berlanga just needed a couple of punches to bag the win.

No doubt Berlanga comfortably found his space to land the big ones and secured his fifteenth straight first-round KO win comfortably tonight. None of his fights have ever gone to the distance, and Berlanga is already a knockout specialist of the middleweight division.

Despite that, Mike Tyson believes that the 23-year-old needs to do much more to be in his best form. While the heavyweight great hail Berlanga’s sensational quick win,  Tyson feels that he will be tested to the core when the fight would go deeper. Maybe in the future, Berlanga can face such a moment and Tyson would value his skills at that point.

Mike Tyson has some advice for Edgar Berlanga

After the 23-year-old’s first-round KO win against Bellows, Tyson turned to Twitter to poise his opinion over the super-middleweight contest. Being one of the most lethal knockout artists himself, Tyson knows what it takes to dominate an opponent.

Although every boxer envisions to finish their opponent within the first round, Tyson claims that the latter rounds actually test and justify a boxer’s skills. Thus, he wrote, “Berlanga looked sensational tonight but he will be at his best when he can knock a guy out like that in the 10th round like he did in the 1st round.”

Looking at Berlanga’s meteoric rise, it’s not far until he faces the A-listers of his division. Riding a 15-fight win streak, he is also relevant in the world title mix. Thus, he should be ready for every adversary on his way.

Someday he might have to go to the distance against a boxer, and his real caliber will be tested at that point. It’s not always about the power and speed, it’s also about the skill and durability, that cements a boxer’s legacy. That said, Edgar Berlanga has to continue the good work and prove his worth on other several other aspects of boxing.

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