Mike Tyson Gives One Line Response to Unfazed ‘Titanium’ Jake Paul’s Bold Remarks

Published 05/15/2024, 6:30 AM EDT

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Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will meet in the ring on July 20 at AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas, for what many think is one of the biggest fights of the year. And as usual, the trash talk from Jake Paul has been relentless, to say the least, but the fiery rhetoric from Paul isn’t rattling the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet.’ 

Mike Tyson, 57, came face-to-face with the ‘Problem Child’ on Tuesday at Apollo in Harlem, New York, for their first press conference for the mega event later this year. While a flock of reporters surrounded the stage, Paul, 27, had a lot to say about his upcoming opponent! Eventually, when the duo finally faced off for the camera, Tyson even playfully took a few shots at Paul’s body, hinting at what may happen in July. However, it was Paul’s statement during the event that led to Tyson’s nonchalant response later in an interview. 

Mike Tyson rates Jake Paul’s abs


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During the press conference yesterday, Paul, at one point, had said, “They call him ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, but I’m ‘Titanium’ Jake Paul.” That, in addition to Tyson’s playful shots at Paul’s body during the face-off, prompted a reporter from Most Valuable Promotions to ask “Jake said he felt nothing when you were punching him in the stomach. What do you feel?”

In response, the youngest heavyweight champion of the world revealed, “Lots of muscles,” adding, “It was pretty hard, yeah.” However, whether Paul’s hard titanium-like muscles will be able to save him from Tyson’s wild punches is yet to be seen! In the meantime, the former Disney star has suggested he will be able to take whatever Tyson throws at him. 


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Jake Paul reveals what true bravery is!

During the press conference, one of the reporters probed Paul, asking whether he could take Tyson’s punches. In response, the Cleveland native quickly responded, “I know I will be able to [take Mike Tyson’s power]. I am a natural-born heavyweight. This is what I was born to do… to move up to the weight class.”


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He then added, “I am going to show Mike, who has more power. He’s underestimating me. I think everybody is underestimating me and I believe I hit harder.”


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Paul suggested that the fight ahead of him will be tough and he will have to traverse through adversity, but “It’s not about the fear stopping me, it’s about going into it even though I am scared and that’s what true bravery is,” said Paul. 

As the fight draws closer, Paul’s attempt at terrorizing his opponent seems to have fallen face first. Yet, the sheer thirty-one-year age gap between them can not be ignored. Maybe, come fight night, Paul will deliver on his statements. Do you think Jake Paul can take Tyson’s punches? 


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