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Mike Tyson: “If I Fail, I Am Gonna Die”

Mike Tyson: “If I Fail, I Am Gonna Die”

Not everyone dares to lace up the boxing gloves at 54 and get back inside the ring to fight. However, heavyweight great Mike Tyson is setting an example by doing the same. Breaking a hiatus of 15 years, Tyson will face former four-division champion Roy Jones Jr. in an eight-round exhibition clash on November 28.

That said, it’s just the beginning. Mike Tyson has vowed to accept more such fights in the future as he has rediscovered the itch to fight. Not only that, but he is also giving several other athletes a chance to revive their career at their dotage. Tyson’s Legends Only League has the motive to bring back several athletes of basketball, football, tennis, and other sports into the playing zone.

Meanwhile, Tyson himself is inaugurating the saga by accepting a fight against Roy Jones Jr. Although he has nothing more to prove in the sport, Tyson still wants to set an example with his activities.

Being the youngest man to grab the heavyweight title, he claims to give it all as he has done throughout his life.

Mike Tyson is reigniting the sports community in fashion

The official Instagram handle of Legends Only League has posted a clip where Tyson talks about the venture. As mentioned, he has already chalked up plans to bring back veterans from several sports into action.

He has also revealed the mindset that he has kept throughout his life. It’s no wonder that he is one of the greatest to have ever played the sport of boxing.

In the clip, Tyson said, “I have accomplished everything in my life with blood and sweat and my desire. Anything I do, I put so much into it. If I fail, I am gonna die. How many people do that? How many people give everything they have to give and say I gave it all up. That’s what I like to do. I am just fighting for my life”

The entire fanbase is excited about the upcoming fight, as it may find a place in the history books. Apart from Tyson vs Jones, the event will have several other matchups, including a fight between Jake Paul and Nate Robinson.

What do you make of Tyson’s latest venture? Will it be a success after November 28?

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