“This is Big Boy S***” – Mike Tyson Makes a Shocking Confession

September 7, 2020 12:03 pm

Former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world “Iron” Mike Tyson recently talked about his upcoming bout with Roy Jones Jr. on November 28 in a podcast with Joe Rogan. He also mentioned what it took for him to get back in fighting shape after all these years.

Tyson released a short video of him hitting the pads a couple of months ago, which took the boxing world by storm. He looked in great physical shape in the video and declared his return by saying, “I’m back.”

While talking about his shape and his physical conditioning on the JRE podcast, Mike said, “Getting in shape and getting conditioned are two different animals. They don’t even belong in the same division of working out. Getting in shape is getting able to fit in your clothes. Being in condition is being able to come outside of your soul. You can’t do that automatically. The emotional state to prepare for that is mind-boggling.

“Let me tell you something about the first training video, I did that video and I was in bed for a week. That was 30 seconds, and I was in bed for a week. That was not funny because it made me realize that this is big boy s***.”

How will Mike Tyson’s body hold up?

Tyson (50-6-0-2, 44 KOs) was the youngest heavyweight champion ever at one point. He had his last bout in 2005 against Kevin McBride. Unfortunately, Tyson lost the bout via corner stoppage in the sixth round. After going through a string of controversies and lawsuits during his high profile career, Tyson now lives a rather quiet life.

Tyson’s opponent, Roy Jones Jr. (66-9, 47 KOs), is considered one of the best pound-for-pound boxers ever. He has held titles in divisions ranging from middleweight to heavyweight. Jones has had a relatively much shorter lay-off, with his last bout in 2018 against Scott Sigmon, where he won by unanimous decision. Going into this fight, Jones will most likely be in better shape than Tyson.

Tyson’s recent statement just emphasizes how difficult it is to get back in shape with age and the toll it takes on the body. Having lost a chunk of weight through a rigorous workout, his body could not take the strain initially. He might still have his raw power and intimidating aura, but whether his body is physically and mentally prepared to go full eight rounds of combat is a whole different story.

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