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Mike Tyson Reveals ‘Deep’ Reason Behind Marrying Robin Givens

Published 03/19/2022, 2:59 PM EDT

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The heavyweight legend is not only famous for his boxing and lifestyle, but moreover, he is famous for catching the attention of people for his controversies as well. For instance, one piece of news Mike Tyson is famous for is his unexpected marriage with the actress, Robin Givens.

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Tyson’s decision left many perplexed, as he was a rising star then and he still had to achieve a lot. In the same vein, Mike Tyson explains his reasons for his unexpected marriage in a podcast of You Already Know.


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Mike Tyson justifies

During the ‘You Already Know’ podcast, the co-host, Tani Marole, questioned Tyson about his sudden decision to marry Robin Givens.

Kid Dynamite‘ gave an answer that supported his decision to engage with someone at a time when he was succeeding in his career.


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“I don’t know, I have a big you know um periodically at times up, I have this f**king, big f**cking, deep f**cking hole in me.”

“Every time you . . . now and then it’s not activated, but now it activates every now and then, and I just want it all. It’s not enough,” he said.

He also added, “Dr*gs not enough, prices not enough, noting not enough, it’s so f**cking big and makes you sober”

Tyson talked about the emptiness within him. He describes it as a hole that he wants to fill with things. As a result, he went through several practices which weren’t enough. According to Tyson, he married Robin Givens so that he could stay in a positive state of mind and have enough happiness in life.


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People were curious to this moment, thinking why Tyson married Givens at an early age. Some think that their divorce was the main reason for the decline of Tyson’s boxing career.

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Subsequently, the separation from Robin Givens was one of the reasons for Tyson’s bankruptcy. He had to pay about $125 Million to Givens as compensation.


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The equation, as it ended, cost Tyson a hefty amount and a great deal of emotional loss. After that, there was a list of controversies Tyson got caught in. This resulted in a decline in Tyson’s success in his boxing career.



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