Mike Tyson Reveals Why Floyd Mayweather Isn’t the G.O.A.T

January 13, 2021 3:57 pm

Mike Tyson is not ready to bill Floyd Mayweather as the greatest boxer of all time. According to the heavyweight stalwart, an undefeated run of 50 fights is commendable, but not sufficient to earn the tag of being the ‘greatest’.

While Tyson himself has 50 wins in 58 fights, he considers Sugar Ray Robinson and Julio Cesar Chavez as superior to Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather has been scarcely active during the end of his career. ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’ relied on facts to back up his statement as he touched on the GOAT debate.

The former heavyweight champion said, “Floyd’s a great fighter, don’t get me wrong, but he had 50 fights. Listen, Sugar Ray Robinson had 47 fights, he lost one, and he had a 78-fight winning streak. With, like, 60 knockouts.”

He added, “Don’t tell me about you’re the greatest fighter with 50-0. He’s a great fighter, no doubt about it, But 50-0? Chavez had 90 (fights unbeaten). He was fighting like eight times a year against whoever fought him, against whoever was in the rankings.”

Mike Tyson vs Floyd Mayweather? A tough battle

In the past, Tyson also lashed at Mayweather for billing himself greater than Muhammad Ali. Tyson ridiculed those claims and denounced the five-division champion..  Tyson even threw a fake jab at Mayweather in an event while both of them were on stage.

Although the duo hugged and claimed it as a joke, Tyson’s fierce eyes seemingly reflected his hatred towards ‘Money May’. Nevertheless, both of them are legends and have been great ambassadors of the sport. While the G.O.AT debate will prevail in the boxing world, several people have several opinions on it.

It’s clear Mayweather is out of Tyson’s list but ‘Money Mayweather’ will find places in several more lists, created by other boxing fans and analysts.

Do you feel Floyd Mayweather is the greatest boxer of all time? What do you make of Mike Tyson’s take regarding the same?

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