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Mike Tyson Says Roy Jones Jr. Will Be Wearing an Oxygen Mask After the Fight

Mike Tyson Says Roy Jones Jr. Will Be Wearing an Oxygen Mask After the Fight

Mike Tyson, 54, has vowed to bring his best game when he steps up against former four-division champion Roy Jones Jr. on November 28. He is in the perfect heavyweight physique and has reminded fans about his prime from the late 80s. That said, Tyson is still a lethal puncher and his recent training clips validate the same.

At his dotage, Tyson claims to have felt the itch to get back inside the boxing ring and it seems perfect as ‘Captain Hook’ Roy Jones will be standing on the other side. The fantasy fight from the 90s has finally come to fruition.

Although both the veterans have passed their prime, the matchup is still alluring for the boxing world. Meanwhile. Mike Tyson might have just begun the trash talking with just over a week left for the event.

Since the event will happen amid the world dealing with a pandemic, Jimmy Kimmel enquired where Tyson will enter the ring with a mask. At this point, ‘Iron’ Mike provided a stunning reply. He said, “I am sure my opponent my opponent will be wearing one (mask) after.”

It won’t be surprising if Tyson is aiming for a KO. Having registered 44 Knockouts in his 58 professional fights, adding No. 45 against Roy Jones Jr. will enrich his legacy.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.- A fight for the ages

The upcoming blockbuster event will inspire several other veterans to break their retirements and get back to the sport. Tyson has already clarified that he is looking forward to accepting more fights after November 28. However, Roy Jones Jr has his entire attention for the time being.

Although it’s an exhibition fight, fans can expect the duo to battle each other inside the ring. It will be exciting to see two of the very best go against each other, especially when they are done with the sport.

It’s no surprise that the entire combat community is hyped for the fight. Apart from that, it might open the gateway for a trilogy between Tyson and Holyfield somewhere down the line.

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