Months After Canelo Alvarez Signed $100 Million Deal With PBC, Eddie Hearn Remains Brutally Honest About Matchroom’s Split With Boxing Icon

Published 09/09/2023, 8:22 AM EDT

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Months after Canelo Alvarez’s jaw-dropping $100 million deal with PBC, the boxing world still buzzes. But there’s more beneath the surface. A tale of options, ambitions, and unspoken words. Eddie Hearn, the man at the helm of Matchroom, and once the guiding force behind Alvarez, has finally broken his silence. It’s not the usual, sugar-coated commentary one would expect.

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Instead, it’s raw and revealing. Boxing isn’t just about powerful punches; it’s about strategic moves outside the ring too. As the ripples of Alvarez’s monumental decision continue, we stumble upon an anomaly. A nugget of information that’s odd, unexpected, and demanding of attention. What’s the hidden narrative in this grand boxing script?

Eddie Hearn reveals: The limitations that drove Canelo Alvarez away


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In the high-stakes world of professional boxing, few moves have sent shockwaves quite like Canelo Alvarez’s recent signing with Premier Boxing Champions (PBC). The undisputed 168-pound champion, once the shining jewel of Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom promotion, made a pivotal shift earlier this year. This transition, a significant three-fight deal, marked the end of his time with Hearn and the beginning of a new era with PBC, a formidable rival founded by influential powerbroker Al Haymon.

Before this seismic shift, Alvarez had spent a considerable chunk of his illustrious career under Hearn’s stewardship. Together, they achieved unparalleled success after Alvarez parted ways with his previous promoter, Golden Boy, to embrace free agency.


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Hearn had an exclusive partnership with streaming service DAZN, and teamed up with Alvarez for for six of his last seven fights which proved to be very lucrative for the Mexican boxer.

So, what was the catalyst behind Alvarez’s switch? The answer, as it turns out, comes straight from the horse’s mouth. Eddie Hearn, never one to mince words, recently laid bare his feelings about the situation on The DAZN Boxing Show.

“We talk socially every now and again,” began Hearn, hinting at the amicability that still exists between the two. “But he made the best move for his career.” Delving deeper, Hearn confessed the harsh reality of the situation, admitting, “I didn’t have any options for him at all, really. As close as we are and as friendly as we are, it doesn’t really work like that. Once that offer got presented to him, I think he made the right decision.”

This candid revelation sheds light on the underlying dynamics of Alvarez’s choice. It wasn’t about loyalty or past associations. In the cutthroat world of boxing, decisions boil down to available opportunities and future prospects. And for Alvarez, the greener pastures seemingly lay elsewhere.

Echoes of the past: Canelo’s bitter split with De La Hoya vs. his amicable parting with Eddie Hearn

Eddie Hearn isn’t the first big-name promoter Canelo Alvarez has parted ways with. Before his amicable separation from Hearn’s Matchroom, Alvarez had a notably tumultuous split from boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions. That association ended on a bitter note, marred by public disputes and contractual disagreements.

According to Talk Sports. before the Billy Joel Saunders fight, Alvarez alleged that De La Hoya didn’t have ‘any loyalty’ and was more ‘worried about drinking’.

For the uninitiated, in 2020, Canelo Alvarez filed a lawsuit against Golden Boy Promotions, and his broadcast partner, DAZN for breach of contract, demanding that he get paid full amount per fight. The legal dispute ended with an out-of-court settlement at the end of 2020, with Canelo securing his free agency.


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In stark contrast, the split between Alvarez and Hearn has been characterized by mutual respect and understanding.

While Hearn expressed disappointment at not being able to provide enticing matches for Alvarez, he remains supportive of the boxer’s choices. This difference in the nature of both departures highlights not just the evolution of Alvarez’s career decisions but also the contrasting professional dynamics he shared with the two promotional giants


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As the dust settles, the larger narrative will undoubtedly emerge. But one question lingers. In this constantly shifting landscape, where will the next big move come from, and who will be at its epicenter?

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