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In the glow of victory, what should have been solely young Curmel Moton’s time to shine, a severe lapse in judgment was made. At the presser after his win, reporters asked Curmel Moton to dish out the details of his first pro fight debut at the Canelo vs. Charlo main card event at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. However, instead of letting the spotlight remain on the young victor, Floyd Mayweather Jr. decided to step in.

Curmel Moton’s victory was not merely a win in the ring; it was a testament to hours of dedication, relentless training, and an unyielding belief in himself. The crowd roared, acknowledging his hard-earned success, but amid the applause, a different narrative began to unfold. The retired boxer delved into details that had nothing to do with young Curmel, on what was probably the biggest night of his life. This left fans questioning ‘Money’s motives, and promptly took to social media to lash out at the legend.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Eclipses Curmel Moton


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Arguably one of the greatest fighters of all time and a mentor, Floyd Mayweather Jr., has had many a day in the spotlight, and many spectators believe he should have let the young boxer have his moment in the sun. He even questioned a reporter when he called Canelo the greatest, “Best because you are saying that?” The reporter then relented reluctantly, saying, “The greatest of all time.” Apparently, he even ate away Canelo Alvarez’s time in the spotlight. Although it is not a secret that Canelo and Mayweather do not get along. Mayweather beat the then-23-year-old Canelo almost 10 years ago.

While Canelo seems to have moved on past that, Mayweather finds ways to bring himself into the spotlight while occupying Canelo’s press schedule. One fan commented about how embarrassing it was. The fan pointed out that Floyd talked about the great Floyd Mayweather while making others wait.

One user left a seething comment and called Mayweather a “narcissist” and “toxic.”


Another pointed out that while he is a great fighter, he pushed Moton away from the spotlight.

Meanwhile, one comment calling him “insecure” resonated with everybody aware of Mayweather’s antics.


One user remarked that Mayweather’s narcissistic tendencies were getting a little too old and that “he must take a back seat” now.



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While everybody concurs that Mayweather is one of the greatest boxers out there, this wasn’t the place to make that known. It was a young boxer’s time to shine. Clearly, it is a common occurrence now, with spectators often expecting it. Six years ago, Anthony Joshua, the renowned boxer, and a fellow trainee of Mayweather, was spotted signing autographs and meeting fans together. Again, it was Joshua’s time to shine. Though Mayweather promptly stepped into the limelight.

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When this could have been a story about a mentor supporting his mentee, in what could have been a collective triumph and letting him have his much-deserved moment in the spotlight, it became an odd PR spectacle.


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Regardless, Curmel Moton’s victory comes as not just a win in the ring, but also a testament to the spirit of sportsmanship that unites athletes and fans alike.

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