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Muhammad Ali’s Daughter Laila Ali Cautions Her 1.1 Million Fans About Identity Theft

Published 05/02/2023, 4:26 PM EDT

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Muhammad Ali was a larger-than-life figure. He stood for causes outside the realm of the sport. Her daughter, Laila Ali, in her own right, uses her platform to raise issues that might concern the general public. Not to mention, she was a boxer herself and had a celebrated career of 24 victories with 0 defeats. The 45-year-old retired in the year 2007 but is still in the public limelight.

America’s Favorite Video Today

She has over a million followers on Instagram and recently re-posted a video made by El Cajon Police Department on how to prevent “Identify theft.” Identity theft is a practice in which one individual fraudulently uses another person’s name and personal information to issue loans and credit. El Cajon Police Department made a comprehensive video to caution people from being a victim of Identity theft.

Laila Ali raises awareness about identity theft


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Ali has a massive influence on social media. Recently, a post was shared by @elcajonpolice in which they revealed how they were able to track down 12 “skimmers”;  which are card readers that can collect the numbers on your credit card. The number collected through the use of such devices can later be used to make fraudulent purchases.

In the video, they explained how to identify such Skimmers and prevent being a victim of “Identity theft” 


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The post stated, “In the past year, ECPD has recovered 12 skimmers from a variety of retailers within our city and we average nearly 130 reports of identity theft, each month.”

The El Cajon Police Department took the onus to spread the word to people about such a type of theft and how it is increasing with time. There were various methods shown to identify a fake scanner. Ali took to her Instagram story and posted the same to her 1.1 Million fans.

Laila Ali Shares Concerning Post about Dangers of chewing gum

A post was shared by Dr. Joseph Mercola in which he revealed that chewing gum may contribute to plummeting sperm count. It also revealed many other harmful effects on the the human body. The caption stated, “Chewing gum is a nasty habit – here’s a very compelling reason to stop it immediately.”


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Ali shared this concerning post with  her 1.1 million Instagram followers as well. Not to mention, Ali is a big advocate of healthy living and following a balanced lifestyle. What do you make of Ali sharing such posts? Do you appreciate her using the platform for raising awareness on such topics? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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