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“My Eyes Are Burning”: Legendary Rapper Wiz Khalifa Experiences Discomfort on Mike Tyson’s Podcast

Published 04/10/2023, 9:00 AM EDT

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One of the most ferocious boxers ever to be, Mike Tyson has surely aged like fine wine. Though ‘Iron’ Mike is still more athletic than most 56-year-olds, it is safe to say that he has become a calm person. His podcast, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson has become quite popular in recent times, with guests from various walks of life joining in to chat with the former heavyweight champion. It can be said that the fans like to see ‘Iron’ Mike share raw conversations with the people he hosts on his show. Recently, famous rapper Wiz Khalifa appeared on the podcast.

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American music sensation Wiz Khalifa may have experienced slight discomfort in the show. Though nothing seemingly turned out to be serious, the rapper was vocal about how he felt.

Wiz Khalifa may have experienced slight discomfort in his eyes


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Tyson likes to ensure that his guests have a good time when he is hosting them. And, so the former champ, a user of Marijuana, is not hesitant to offer his guests the same. If the fans know Wiz Khalifa, he certainly had a good time.

Co-host DJ Whoo Kid joined Mike Tyson, and the three of them were having a great time conversing with each other on numerous topics. Khalifa then started to complain about a burning sensation in his eyes. He said, “My eyes are burning.” The 35-year-old further asked the others to check if their eyes were burning too. To which, all the others responded with a burst of laughter. The reason for Khalifa’s burning sensation in the eyes seems to be unclear. Whatever the reason might be, all three of them seemed to have had fun spending time with each other.


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Wiz Khalifa showed his gratitude to the others on the podcast. He said, “Always happy to smoke with you fam.” Mike Tyson even shared an anecdote from one of his incidents in the past. But, he refused to name anyone involved in the incident. Khalifa came to the rescue and was ready to name the people on Tyson’s behalf. Khalifa said, “I’ll say it. Tell me. I’ll be the snitch.” To this, everybody ended up having a good laugh.

Mike Tyson and his love for Cannabis

The former heavyweight champ is a user of Cannabis. He has even admitted to spending outrageous amounts yearly on his consumption of Cannabis.‘Iron Mike’ is not just a consumer of Cannabis, but he also has a Cannabis ranch that generates him a fortune.


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Mike Tyson is the founder of a Cannabis empire, which, as alleged by The Sun, generates close to half a million dollars every month. Besides this, Tyson recently launched another brand, Tyson 2.0, which promised to offer a wide range of products. It is safe to say that Mike Tyson is taking his affinity for Cannabis to new heights.

Despite Smoking $40,000 Worth Marijuana Every Month, Mike Tyson Names Legend That Still Beats Him


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Have you watched the recent episode of Hotboxin’ yet? Is so, what was your favorite moment from the show? Tell us in the comments down below.

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