“My Mind Is a Torture Chamber”: Mike Tyson Gets Raw Ahead of Roy Jones Jr. Fight

November 20, 2020 1:36 pm

Mike Tyson, 54, still posses a warrior’s mindset. He will end a 15-year hiatus when he steps into the ring to fight Roy Jones Jr. Looking back at his career, it is full of highs and lows. However, Mike Tyson has never lost the itch to fight and is regarded as one of the most lethal punchers of all time.

While he has also been a victim of several personal life controversies, Tyson has been in many battles inside and outside the ring. He claims that his mind is always preparing him for a war. Even though he has nothing left to prove in the sport, his mindset remains the same.

Tyson will return to action for an eight-round exhibition fight against former champion Roy Jones. That said, neither boxer is considering it as an exhibition. They are ready to fight each other and will seemingly unleash their violent sides inside the ring. Meanwhile, ‘Iron’ Mike has intensified the tale by adding his opinion into the mix.

In a recent interaction with BT Sport, Tyson said, “My mind is a torture chamber. So, my mind constantly prepares me for war. Constantly, every tenth of a second. Quicker than your eye can blink is war. I am discussing warriors in my mind and warriors in the past and the plans they used before they fought, and it’s just the way my mind thinks.”

Will it be a KO for Mike Tyson again?

Anything is possible in boxing. Especially when two former world champions are colliding against each other. Taking note of their age, Roy and Tyson were advised to sport headgears in the fight. However, none of them agreed. Thus they will be open to eating each other’s best shots inside the squared circle.

(Original Caption) 1/22/1988-Atlantic City, NJ Ferocious faced Mike Tyson lands the knockout punch to the jaw of challenger Larry Holmes during fourth round of the World Heavyweight Championship. (Via Getty)

Being the bigger man, Tyson can shut force on Roy Jones with one punch. He is still lethal and looks sharp at his age. Having registered 44 KOs in 50 wins during his prime, ‘Iron’ will try to add one more to the list. It will be even sweeter if it’s against a veteran and former champion like ‘Captain Hook’ Roy Jones with the WBC frontline title on the line.

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