Neeraj Goyat Reaches Puerto Rico to Fight Jake Paul Despite March 2 Event Getting Officially Announced

Published 02/25/2024, 11:31 PM EST

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Jake Paul will fight Ryan Bourland on March 2 at Coliseo Jose Miguel Agrelot in San Juan, Puerto Rico. However, someone else is eager to get into a skirmish with ‘The Problem Child’ first. Not long ago, reports came out that an Indian boxer named Neeraj Goyat would be Paul’s March 2 opponent, but that never happened. 

Nevertheless, as Paul gears up to take Bourland down, Goyat is back, creating some drama in Puerto Rico! In a recent pinch, the Indian national reached Jake’s hometown to fight him before he gets to beat Bourland. And, of course, Paul is a brilliant marketer, so he took this opportunity to bring attention to himself. The YouTuber-turned-boxer took to social media today to share the development with his followers. 

Jake Paul gets into Goyat’s DMs


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Earlier today, Paul turned to Instagram to share a post from Neeraj Goyat! In the post, the Indian boxer claimed, “I am a man of my word, I’m in Puerto Rico. Where are you, Jake Paul?” The unexpected action from Goyat comes after Paul had previously invited Goyat to US soil. So, responding to Goyat’s post, Paul retorted. 


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A post shared by Neeraj Goyat (@neeraj_goyat)

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In his Instagram story, Paul wrote, “I’m dropping the address in your DMs.” In the following story, Paul doubled down on the idea of meeting the Indian boxer to settle their differences. He stated, “Neeraj, you have my address. Don’t run away now!” However, it seems like Paul has a wider pool of opponents to choose from.


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MMA champion calls out Paul for a fight


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Given the low pay in UFC, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people like Sean O’Malley and others desperately want all the smoke from boxers. While fighters like Francis Ngannou chose to go up against the very best of boxing, Tony Ferguson seems to have locked in on Jake Paul. While appearing in the Jaxxon Podcast on 22 February, Ferguson called out Paul.

“I’m going to be real with you, I’m calling out Jake. I’d love to fight you, dude. I don’t talk to too many people or call them out, but Jake is the one…,” said Ferguson. When it came to getting Dana White’s approval for the boxing match, Ferguson stated, “I don’t give a f**k what Dana says. He knows already he don’t owe me sh*t, and I don’t owe him nothing. I’ve done enough for this f**king company.”


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As things are, Jake Paul should not have any problems finding an opponent after his match against Ryan Bourland. He could choose Neeraj Goyat, or for more money, he could choose Ferguson. However, Bourland still stands in his way. It would be interesting if, by some miracle, Bourland managed to win the fight. Do you think Jake should fight Goyat? 

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