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Ever wondered what a boxing champion would look like with a totally different vibe? Claressa Shields, the two-time Olympic gold medalist and undisputed champ, recently surprised fans with a photo that wasn’t about her knockout punches. This time, it was all about her hair.

The ‘GWOAT’ sported a big, bold hairstyle that took everyone back to a different era. Could it be a hint about her favorite fashion decade? Or maybe she’s just rocking a new look for fun? Fans get to decide.

Claressa Shields takes us back in time


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Imagine opening Twitter to find Claressa Shields, not gearing up for a fight, but sitting coolly in a car, her hair transformed into a voluminous afro that reminds you of ‘Foxy Brown’. In the photo, she rocks a bright pink hoodie, which contrasts strikingly with her neutral expression.

This isn’t just any social media post; it’s a deliberate nod to a vibrant era of fashion and freedom. She captions this captivating snapshot, “Should’ve been born in the 70s,” inviting us all to wonder about the allure of past decades. This image does more than showcase her style; it bridges generations, connecting the boldness of the past with the vibrancy of today. And the fans let her know that she rocks it.

2024 and Loving It: Challenging Fashion Norms

Claressa Shields’ retro look immediately sparked a flurry of reactions among her fans. This fan was quick to endorse the look, suggesting that Claressa should consider keeping the afro as a permanent style, evidently loving the authenticity and bold statement it makes.

Following suit, another fan pointed out the timeless beauty of natural hair, emphasizing that true style knows no bounds of time. This comment taps into the broader dialogue about self-acceptance and the beauty inherent in natural hair, regardless of the era.

Adding a touch of humor to the mix, another person playfully noted that if Claressa truly wished to rock the afro as an adult during the ’70s, she would have needed to be born a couple of decades earlier.

This fan contributed to the discussion by stating that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with bringing such a style into 2024. Their comment reflects a progressive view on fashion, where styles from any era can find their place and acceptance in modern times.


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Finally, this person threw his support behind the idea of a broader revival, suggesting that everyone should consider bringing back the ’70s style. His enthusiasm about reintroducing past trends highlights a collective yearning for the vibrant and expressive fashion of the ’70s, suggesting it might be time for a full-blown revival.


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So, what about you? Is there a fashion era you’re drawn to, or perhaps one you’d love to bring back? How do you think personal style influences or reflects cultural identity today?