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Oscar De La Hoya Fuels Beef by Accusing Eddie Hearn of “Blowing a S**T Load of Other People’s Money”

Published 06/29/2023, 4:01 AM EDT

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Oscar De La Hoya is not going easy on Eddie Hearn. The boxing world is witnessing a clash between two boxing promoters. The Golden Boy and Matchroom promoter have been exchanging jabs with each other on social media for a while now. What started as a harmless tease has now turned into a verbal showdown between both sides. And the American promoter is not willing to back down from this verbal interaction, either. From calling Hearn “lonely” to calling him out for his “sh***y card,” La Hoya knows how to spark rivalries. And the 50-year-old has done it again by taking another dig at the Brit.

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La Hoya took to his Twitter to make a bold accusation against Hearn and questioned his role in boxing. Moreover, he made a rather odd and hilarious career suggestion to the Brit apart from boxing. And, like any other banter, this is not one-sided, as Hearn has delivered his fair share of responses to the American counterpart. This continues the verbal jabs-taking saga between the two.

Oscar De La Hoya claims Hearn is a “joke”


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Taking a shot at Hearn, La Hoya called him out, claiming that he was using other people’s money in the business. He wrote,@EddieHearn blowing a shit load of other people’s money and showing shit for it is ludicrous. Fans can consider this message being cryptic as it is unclear what the Golden Boy is referring to while calling out the Matchroom promoter.

Furthermore, La Hoya gave a reality check to Hearn about thinking about taking his fighters. “You think you can just come here and poach our fighters? Who have you built? Your a joke.” The 50-year-old promoter made things personal with Hearn as he inexplicitly claimed that there is no notable fighter the Brit has built during his career as a promoter. And, if this was not enough, La Hoya made a career suggestion for Hearn.


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La Hoya wrote that Hearn should go back to promoting darts. This refers to Hearn’s chairmanship of the Professional Darts Corporation. The ‘Golden Boy’ seems not much pleased with Hearn and does not want to stay in the boxing business. As to make things much clear, he reeled in promoters such as Leonard Ellerbe and Bob Arum to claim that they at least know what they are doing. He wrote,At least @LEllerbe and @BobArum know what they are doing.

Eddie Hearn Hits Back at Oscar De La Hoya for His “#LonesomeEddie” Statements


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It seems like La Hoya wants his saga with Hearn to continue. And doesn’t want to back down from the fight. However, it is safe to say that the supposed rivalry between the two has proven to be much entertaining for the fans. What do you think about the rivalry between the two promoters? Let us know in the comments.

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