HE Turki Alalshikh’s Plan for Anthony Joshua Could Delay a Potential Tyson Fury Fight, but the Fate Remains in Francis Ngannou’s Hands

Published 02/04/2024, 5:42 PM EST

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Francis Ngannou, the wildcard, threatens to shake the very foundations of this domain. Why is Anthony Joshua, the former champion, risking stepping into the ring with him? And where does this leave Tyson Fury, the ‘Gypsy King‘? His Excellency Turki Alalshikh has masterminded this scenario.

But to what end? Could this be the delay fans dread, or is it a stroke of genius? With Ngannou’s power, the anticipated Fury vs. Joshua match hangs by a thread. Are we witnessing a reshaping of heavyweight boxing’s future?

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Alalshikh’s Chess move

In an adept maneuver, His Excellency Turki Alalshikh has reimagined the heavyweight boxing landscape. The rescheduled bout between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, now set for May 18, due to Fury’s injury; is a carefully crafted chess move. With a rematch clause firmly in place, the stakes are higher than ever. Furthermore, a hefty fine looms over the fighters, ensuring commitment. Not only that, but the Minister and Advisor to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, in an effort to silence the critics who contend that the fight may not happen, have promised a large sum to the other fighter if one of them chooses to pull out of the fight.


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“I am guarantee for the both of the fighters 10 Millions if some someone escape from the fight; this is the first thing, and the second thing, I guarantee big fight in the same night for the another one,” Alalshikh has made clear, underscoring the gravity of the commitment.


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This strategic planning extends beyond just ensuring the fight takes place. It intricately ties into the potential future matchups, casting a shadow over Anthony Joshua’s immediate prospects.

Anthony Joshua to detour through Hrgovic

Transitioning smoothly from the grand scheme, Anthony Joshua’s path veers intriguingly towards Filip Hrgovic. This unexpected detour is not just a twist in the tale but a strategic pivot that recalibrates the timeline for the much-anticipated Fury vs. Joshua face-off. “If Anthony Joshua beats Francis Ngannou,” according to what Turki Alalshikh said, “he is unlikely to fight the winner [of Fury vs. Usyk] immediately,” highlighting the intentional delay embedded within these matchups.

The decision for Joshua to engage with Hrgovic first introduces a calculated pause in the buildup to the Fury vs. Joshua saga. This move, while ensuring continued excitement within the heavyweight division, unmistakably extends the waiting period for fans and fighters alike. It’s a clear indication that the road to a Fury vs. Joshua bout is being meticulously curated, with every step designed to enhance the narrative and commercial appeal.


By setting Joshua on a collision course with Hrgovic, Alalshikh not only diversifies the potential matchups within the heavyweight division but also cleverly sustains the global audience’s interest. This strategic redirection emphasizes the layered approach to managing the careers of heavyweight titans, ensuring that when Fury and Joshua eventually collide, the anticipation and stakes will be at their zenith.

The Ngannou threat: A pivot point in heavyweight boxing

Seamlessly into the equation comes Francis Ngannou, a figure whose presence in the heavyweight boxing scene cannot be understated. The former UFC heavyweight champion stands as a barrier to the long-awaited clash between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. Ngannou’s entry into boxing, marked by a nearly victorious bout against Fury, showcases his capability to disrupt the best-laid plans.


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The threat posed by Ngannou is real and immediate. His potential victory over Joshua is not just a possibility; it’s a looming specter that could indefinitely postpone the dream match of AJ vs. Fury.

Should Ngannou triumph over Joshua, the ripple effect would be profound. The narrative shifts, the rankings are upended, and the clamor for AJ vs. Fury takes a backseat to a new, compelling storyline. This scenario underscores the unpredictability of the sport and the strategic intricacies that come into play when global titans collide. Ngannou, with his lethal combination of power and ambition, is poised to redefine the future of heavyweight boxing, potentially sidelining the AJ vs. Fury saga to the annals of ‘what could have been.’

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Will the heavyweight division witness the emergence of a new champion in Ngannou, or will the established titans, Joshua and Fury, maintain their reign? What are your thoughts on this intricate narrative? Are we witnessing a pivotal moment in boxing history or simply another chapter in the sport’s ever-evolving story?

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