Predicting Knockout, Shane Mosley Jr. Claims Rolly Romero vs Ryan Garcia Is ‘More Exciting’ Than Devin Haney Option After Floyd Mayweather Shares the Poster

Published 01/14/2024, 12:07 AM EST

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Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia would have been one of those events that could have broken records. However, the former 3-division champion Shane Mosley Jr. believes the now-confirmed Ryan vs. Rolly Romero fight wouldn’t be far behind. The same is further backed by none other than Floyd Mayweather, injecting a dose of drama and excitement among fans.

Yesterday, in an unexpected twist of faith, ‘Money’ Mayweather turned to Instagram, sharing the poster for the Romero-Garcia fight. Obviously, it didn’t sit well with Oscar De La Hoya, but many would have seen it coming since Floyd and Garcia have been spotted together on numerous occasions. However, people didn’t expect Shane Mosley Jr. to advocate for the fight’s supremacy today in the comment section of a post from Ellie Seckback.

Shane Mosley Jr. doesn’t want the fight to go the distance


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Yesterday, Seckback posted a clip on his Instagram account, sharing Floyd’s post regarding the Gacia-Romero fight and a clip of Romero interacting with the fans. Soon, Mosley Jr. found the post, leaving a comment that read, “Everybody wants to see this one!” However, when a couple of fans said otherwise, the 21-4 boxer went into detail about why he thinks Ryan vs. Romero is better.

“In this fight, there is a high likelihood of either of these guys knocking each other out. In the fight between [Devin] Haney and Ryan Garcia, there’s a high likelihood of it going to distance,” wrote Mosley Jr. Citing that as the reason, Mosley Jr. advocated for the Ryan-Romero fight being more exciting. “Sometimes the highest profile fight doesn’t make the most exciting fight. This fight is the more exciting fight right now, in my opinion,” said Mosley Jr. While Mosley Jr. has an interesting angle about the fight being better than if Haney was involved, what did Foyd say about the fight?


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Floyd Mayweather – now the unofficial promoter for Ryan Garcia?

After being spotted together in the streets of Las Vegas, Garcia surprisingly backed out of a fight against Devin Haney. It left many wondering – is this the Mayweather effect? Moreover, even Oscar seemed fine with Ryan and Mayweather getting together, but later, even he could not overlook the actions of Mayweather, as he asked him to back off.


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Here’s what ‘Money’ Mayweather wrote in his post while sharing a poster of the Romero-Garcia fight. “@kingryan Vs. @rolliesss One [of] the most anticipated fights this year. I guarantee this will be action-packed. This one right here is bombs away!” However, what ticked off Oscar the most was Floyd’s decision to add “@mayweatherpromotions” at the bottom.


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While there is still some time in the Ryan-Romero fight to become real, if Mosley Jr.’s claims are any evidence, it may very well turn into one of the biggest events of 2024. Do you think the Romero-Garcia fight is on par with Ryan-Haney? Which would you have wanted to see?

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