“RIP to This Man’s Bones”: Bike Crashing Into Lamborghini in Horrific Accident Leaves Logan Paul’s Coach & Fans Dreaded

Published 03/09/2023, 1:00 PM EST

Milton Lacroix aka Milton Supreme, who prepared the YouTube megastar Logan Paul for the Floyd Mayweather exhibition fight has been delivering the lessons of boxing’s sweet science since the mid-1980s and has made a name for himself by producing several amateur and professional world champions in the boxing realm. Recently, he shared a glimpse of an eye-catching accident that would leave anyone stunned, with a deep message. He took to his Instagram and posted a picture of the horrific collision that shows a racing bike hitting the super expensive Lamborgini.


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Through this clip, the boxing coach wanted to teach people how important it is to follow traffic rules because road accidents are something that could be avoided. They are the result of human carelessness and this is clearly visible in the video which he posted on his Instagram story.

A fast-paced biker hit the luxury sports car up front on a sharp turn. The collision was so intense that the front portion of Lamborgini got totally destroyed. And on the other hand, the biker who hit it would have been hospitalized because he went flying several yards before getting floored.

Lacroix wrote, “Don’t text and drive a motorcycle.” When fans came across this they could not stop themselves from pouring their remarks.

How did fans react to the accident?

A fan named Setiawan. sc wrote, “I have repeated watching this video 100 times.”

Yic Khii captured the essence of the entire scenario that took place by mentioning the name of a game. He wrote, “Casual gta.”

Digedope wrote, “Rip to this man’s bones, bike, and money.”

The Kasyap wrote, “That’s why we are supposed to slow down on corners.”

Binabgroup wrote, “Holy shit. Was he/ she getting chased by a cop? That was a wide-berth miss on that corner.”


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“I don’t know where this was filmed, it looks like maybe California, or somewhere in the states, but the Lamborghinis are in the left lane the motorcycle was in the right lane. He passed the camera car going the wrong way on a curve. This is the Lamborghinis fault”, Jackfpxesq wrote.

Lekwn_james wrote, “Bro started flipping like he was doing gymnastics.”

Andios_99 wrote, “Was the motorcyclist getting chase by a cop?”


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