Rising Welterweight Sensation Makes Bold Claim About Terence Crawford- “He’s Not Completely Untouchable”

December 7, 2020 10:19 pm

One of boxing’s brightest fighters, Vergil Ortiz Jr, has made a very interesting claim about the welterweight champion, Terence Crawford.

The American fighter also competes in the welterweight division and doesn’t believe in the hype surrounding the pound-for-pound star. He says that Crawford’s victory against Kell Brook reassured him of this fact.

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Speaking on the AK & Barak Show on YouTube, the undefeated fighter voiced his opinion on the champions in his division.

Speaking of Crawford’s performance against Brook, he said, “I was saying it before that fight. And that fight, I would say, it even gave me a little confidence boost that he’s not completely untouchable like everyone thinks he is. You know.”

Clearly, Ortiz Jr is confident, and what he followed it up with, reaffirms the same, “I’ve said it before, I can give anyone in the welterweight division a tough fight. And I feel like I can win on all of those fights as well.” 

These are bold claims for a 22-year-old who is still firmly in his formative years in the ring.

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Will Vergil Ortiz Jr get a chance to fight Terence Crawford?

Realistically, the chances are slim, especially since Crawford is just coming off a big win. Ortiz is undefeated and has a 100% knockout record. So the hype surrounding him could be justified. However, fans would rather see Crawford fight Errol Spence Jr instead.

Ortiz himself believes that he will have to make a few more fights before getting the chance to enter the ring in a bid to butt heads with the champion.

However, he is adamant that his next fight is going to be against one of the highest-ranked fighters. This is welcome news in boxing, where most fighters prefer to take their time to the top.

So how long will it be before we see Vergil Ortiz Jr at the top of the welterweight division?


Leonardo Carvalho

Leonardo Carvalho is a boxing journalist at EssentiallySports. His love for the sport stems from the fact that he is an athlete who has played soccer at a high level for several years; he represented his state at a National Level meet. His passion for soccer and fitness led him to admire the challenges of a boxer, and he now writes about the sport he has learned to love. His favorite boxers are Anthony Joshua and Caleb Plant.

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