Ryan Garcia Sends “I Love You” Message to Kylie Jenner While Mocking Her Boyfriend, Plans to Hire Kanye West and Beyonce for ‘VIP Fight Experience’

Published 03/03/2024, 5:50 AM EST

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Boxing meets high fashion and celebrity in Ryan Garcia’s latest move. Garcia, no stranger to headlines, teases an extravagant VIP Fight Experience. Scheduled for April 20, 2024, in Brooklyn, it’s not just any fight night, he’s fighting Devin Haney. Imagine winning a Gucci bag so rare, it’s almost mythical.

Plus, Garcia’s signed memorabilia and luxury travel? The entry fee is a mere $25. But here’s where things take an unexpected turn. Garcia’s Instagram posts hint at more than just boxing. He plans to hire Kanye West and Beyonce. Yes, you read that right. And Kylie Jenner? Garcia’s message to her is… intriguing.

Is Ryan Garcia set to make this the most entertaining night?


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Ryan Garcia has been turning heads not just for his boxing prowess but for his unconventional antics off the ring. From arriving on a horse to a press conference, to posting unusually on his Instagram, he has everyone confused. His latest Instagram reveal is a testament to this unusual streak. Entrants could snag an ultra-rare Gucci bag, autographed gloves from Garcia’s clash with Duarte, and the shorts he wore fighting Campbell. Moreover, winners receive two tickets to the bout and a premium travel package.


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Transitioning from mere promotion, Garcia’s first post carried a caption that was as flamboyant as it was baffling: “This will be the biggest event I’m going to hire Kanye to perform and Ima ask Beyoncé respectfully JAY Z all it cost is 25$ and you can do get unlimited tickets. FIND THE GOLDEN TICKET LIKE IF I WAS Timothée Chalamet/Willy Wonka. Kylie mine bro you whack and too skinny wtf lift some weights we cool tho. @kyliejenner what’s good. I love you hit me back.” This peculiar blend of call-outs and invitations, mingled with a touch of humor and bravado, perfectly encapsulates Garcia’s current wave of unpredictable behavior.

Moreover, his choice of words and the celebrities he intends to involve underscore a deliberate strategy to blend the entertainment world with his athletic career, all while keeping fans guessing about his next move. This is not all though.

Garcia’s follow-up tease


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Elevating the stakes, Ryan Garcia’s subsequent Instagram post introduced an enticing twist to the VIP Fight Experience raffle. With a flair for the dramatic, he announced, “Step further cashing app some individuals who have purchased a ticket and show me proof via posting on their story. 500$ more then you paid most of you. And you HIGH ROLLERS CHILL FAM. Gahahahahahahaba why so serious.”

This pledge to personally enrich some participants’ investments adds a personalized touch to the promotion. Garcia’s commitment to send $500 more than the ticket’s price to selected fans not only heightens the allure but also maintains his connection with his audience, blending generosity with his characteristic unpredictability.


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What other surprises does Garcia have up his sleeve? Will his bold moves pay off in drawing a larger audience and redefining fight promotion?


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